Queensland Traineeships and Subsidised Training

QLD Certificate 3 Guarantee and Higher Skills Fund

If you live in Queensland you have the opportunity to access a subsidised training course under Queensland Certificate 3 Guarantee or the Higher Skills Fund. 

Queensland Government subsidised training makes gaining a qualification affordable and achievable, with subsidies also available as a traineeship under User Choice for a number of Certificate III level courses and Certificate IV in Accounting.  For more information on traineships, see the traineeship section below.

So if you live in Queensland and don’t already have a Certificate III or Certificate IV level qualification, now is the time to take up this opportunity.

This training is funded by the Queensland Government.

Traineeships in Queensland

  • Traineeships Subsidised in Queensland

    A small range of qualifications in Business and Information Technology are available in Queensland under the User Choice traineeship program.

    The following new worker traineeships are funded, which means that employers only contribute an enrolment fee towards the training costs for BSB30120 Certificate III in Business (which includes the streams of Business Administration, Medical Administration, Records and Information Management, Customer Engagement, BSB30320 Certificate III in Legal Services and the ICT30120 Certificate III in Information Technology and ICT40120 IV in Information Technology.

    The enrolment fee varies by course. It is calculated based on a set pricing structure set by the Queensland Government based on Nominal Hours. 

  • Eligibility for Traineeships and Declared Traineeships By State

    Apprenticeship Network Providers (previously called Australian Apprenticeship Centres) determine the eligibility of employees for traineeships. The following information is a guide to how the traineeship system works:

    1. The type of work must be declared a traineeship in the state that you wish to employ the trainee.

    This government website shows the Traineeships Declared, but the College is happy to work this out for you. 

    2. The employee you wish to register in a traineeship must be an Australian Citizen or permanent resident.

    They can also be a New Zealand passport holder who has been resident in Australia for more than six months,

    Some states will allow visa holders where the specific visa allows employment and traineeships (including Special Category Visa 444 which allows New Zealand Citizens to work and study in Australia for an unlimited period).

    3. The employee cannot already hold a formal qualification (but see the many exceptions to this rule below).

     See the NSW Traineeship rules  including for New Zealand Citizens.

    Contact us to arrange specific advice from an Apprenticeship Network Provider or refer to http://www.australianapprenticeships.gov.au.

    In NSW the Vocational Training Orders that declare a Traineeship are published on the Training Services NSW site.

  • Traineeship Employer Incentives

    Quick Summary: The Australian Apprenticeship Incentive Guidelines have changed

    Always check here for the most up to date guidance!

    Currently, for Traineeships that commenced after 1 July 2022:

    $1 750 at 6 months from “date of commencement” and $1 750 at the six month mark after the effective date of the first date.

    For Traineeships that commenced prior to 30 June 2022:

    $4 000 per FT new entrant trainee; $1 500 per PT new entrant trainee

    For new Full time trainees of $1 500 is claimable at the six month mark of their traineeship, and $ 2 500 at completion.

    For new Part time trainees the $1 500 is claimable at completion of the traineeship.

    How are incentives managed?

    Incentives are subject to traineeship eligibility criteria, waiting periods and time limits being met. Your Apprenticeship Support Network provider will assess your trainees eligibility for incentives.

    The information provided on this page is for general information only and should not be relied upon because it is subject to change and may not reflect your exact circumstances. 

    This information is subject to change, always refer to  http://www.australianapprenticeships.gov.au/ for current information.

    Current as of July 2022

  • Employer Obligations Under Traineeships

    Taking on a trainee can be a step forward for many businesses to train and grow their key staff for the future. It provides an opportunity for an extra set of hands that is motivated and keen to learn.

    Under the Traineeship Training Contract the employer must provide a workplace environment that supports the trainee's learning, and allows approximately 3 hours per week towards learning activities.

    Employers enrolling their employees as students are responsible to:

    • Provide appropriate on-the-job training, support and supervision
    • Ensure their employees have access to the full range of work that is required on-the-job to complete the assessment tasks
    • Notify the College if there are any matters affecting their ability to complete the qualification due to work related barriers
    • Comply with Traineeship requirements if applicable.
    • Sign all Workplace Verification Checklists, Assessment Submissions and Training Plans.
  • Traineeship Fee Calculation in Queensland

    All training providers are required to charge trainees $1.60 per nominal hour of each unit of competency. ACCM quotes the price based on the standard electives taken in each course.

    Final enrolment fees (totally Student Contribution Fee and Employer Fee) are calculated based on actual electives chosen.

    Unless otherwise advised ACCM invoices this Trainee Student Contribution Fee directly to the trainee's employer.

    Where the level of QLD government contribution towards the course cost is low priority - ACCM will also charge the employer an additional gap fee. This amount will be added to the Student Contribution Fee and be quoted as one total amount on the enrolment link.

    Credit Transfers are exempt from the Student Contribution Fee, and will not be charged against that Fee.

    Any necessary fee adjustments or refunds to the Enrolmen Fee are calculated at the end of the qualification. 

    Employers may ask at any time for the breakdown of Student Contribution Fee and Employer Fee.

  • School Based Traineeship Fees

    School based Trainees are exempt from the Student Contribution fee.

    Where the level of QLD government contribution towards the course cost is low priority - ACCM will also charge the employer an additional gap fee for School Based Traineeships. 

  • Trainee Concession Fees for Under 17s and Health Care Card Recipients

    The Student Contribution Fee will only be 40 per cent of the standard Student Contribution Fee where the participant falls into one or more of the following exemption categories:

    (a) The trainee was or will be under 17 years of age at the end of February in the year in which training starts, and the trainee is not at school and has not completed year 12.

    (b) The trainee holds a Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card issued under Commonwealth law, or is the partner or a dependant of a person who holds a Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card, and is named on the card.

    The trainee must claim the concession at commencement of enrolment and provide evidence of eligibility.


  • Trainee Fee Concession for ATSI Trainees

    Where a trainee is an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person as stated on the Training Contract and advised to ACCM, they are entitled to the concession level Student Contribution Fee.

    Note for low priority funded qualifications ACCM may charge the employer a gap fee.

  • Financial Hardship Application

    a) Where permitted under a government funded or subsidised program the College may waive all or some student fees based on proven financial hardship.

    b) In this instance the student must complete the Financial Hardship Form and be assessed in accordance with College procedures.

    c) ACT will allow a fee reduction to a concession fee where genuine hardship by a trainee is proven. Evidence must be provided for approval. [ACTSC p36]

    d) Queensland will allow a exemption for Student Contribution Fees where genuine hardship by a trainee is proven. Evidence must be provided for approval. [QLDUC  2.6.3]


    Updated July 2022

  • Application of Existing Study Credit Transfers

    Under the Queensland funded programs we are required to report all possible Credit Transfers from previous studies under your qualification.

    You are required to advise us of all past studies and provide a Statement of Attainment.

    This rule may restrict your selection of additional electives. 

Queensland Certificate 3 and Higher Skills Program FAQs

  • Eligibility for QLD Subsidised Training

    To be eligible to undertake a subsidised course in Queensland you need to:

    • not already hold or be undertaking a Certificate III or higher qualification (if completed at school it is not counted)

    • Be a Queensland resident

    • Be an Australian permanent resident, Australian Citizen or a New Zealand Citizen or a temporary resident with the necessary visa and work permits on the pathway to permanent residency; and

    • Be 15 years or older and not be currently attending school

    Employment status is irrelevant. You may be employed or unemployed.

    For a Certificate 3 Guarantee course you must not already hold or be undertaking a Certificate III or higher qualification (if completed at school it is not counted).

    For Higher Level Skills Program eligibility you must not already hold or be undertaking a Certificate IV or higher qualification.

    Source:   C3GPP 15-16 and CHLSPP 15-16

    Trainees must meet the traineeship eligibility rules. For traineeship eligibility, see the Traineeship page.

  • QLD Certificate 3 Guarantee and Higher Level Skills Program Fees

    Under the QLD Certificate 3 Guarantee and Higher Level Skills Program rules, all subsidised students must be charged a co-contribution fee. We call this your Enrolment Fee. These fees vary based on the qualification and year of enrolment.

    Applicable student enrolment fees are displayed on each relevant course page under Check Price. They represent a significant discount from the standard course price

    All student fees are inclusive of all aspects of training.

    Concession fees are available for eligible students.

  • Do I Have to be Employed Under Queensland Subsidised Training Programs

    No you don't need to be employed under Certificate 3 Guarantee or Higher Skills Fund. Nor does your employer need to know about your enrolment.

    Queensland subsidised enrolments can be done independently of your employer, and are also available if you are currently unemployed and committed to completing the course to improve your employment prospects.

    Traineeships do however require an employment arrangement.

  • Can I access QLD Subsidised Training though my employer?

    Yes – you can ask your employer to “sponsor” your enrolment in QLD subsidised training. Employers are most likely to agree where the course is of mutual benefit.

    Your employer may also ask you to enrol in a QLD subsidised course to improve your skills. They may even agree to pay your enrolment fee.

    Note: Under current rules, trainees cannot be allocated to a Certificate 3 Guarantee or Higher Level Skills place. They must be delivered either as a subsided traineeship or on a Fee for Service basis.

  • Only One Queensland Subsidised Course in Each Progam

    Eligible students can only access one subsidised course from the Certificate 3 Guarantee program. It is important that you take the time to carefully consider your training options before committing to a course of study.

    Upon completion of your Certificate III you can then enrol into a Higher Level Skills course if you are eligible.

    Eligible students for the Higher Level Skills Program can only access one Certificate IV level and above qualification.

  • Queensland Subsidised Training Student Fact Sheets

    Please refer to these Government issued fact sheets:

    Certificate 3 Guarantee: Fact Sheet

    Higher Level Skills: Fact Sheet

  • QLD Compulsory Student Survey

    When accessing a Queensland Government subsidised training place, it is a requirement that students must complete a student employment survey within three months of completing or discontinuing their training.

    The Government will email this survey to students to complete.

  • Concession Fees under QLD Certificate 3 Guarantee and Higher Skills

    Concession students get a discount on their co-contribution / enrolment fee for eligible subsidised courses.

    To qualify as a concession student you must meet one or more of the below criteria:

    • A Commonwealth health care concession card or pensioner concession card holder
    • A partner or dependent of a health care or pensioner card holder (named on the card)
    • An Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander
    • Have a disability
    • An adult prisoner

    Source: C3GPP 15-16 and CHLSPP 15-16

    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students are entitled to the fee concession for any QLD Certificate 3 Gurantee or Higher Skills Fund subsidised courses as long as they reside in QLD and meet the other eligibility requirements.

    When a Commonwealth Government agency (e.g. Jobs Services Australia Provider) is using Australian Government funding to pay student fees on behalf of the Participant, then no concessions are to apply.

  • Proof of Concession

    To be eligible for a concession fee in a funded program, you must provide the College with evidence of your eligible welfare benefit or allowance. 

    The evidence requirements are as set out in each specific funded program.

    The evidence can be in the form of a current Department of Human Services (Centrelink) Income Statement or a copy of a current Pensioner Concession Card that has been witnessed by a JP or at the Post Office.

    It must show that you are eligible for the benefit at the date you will commence training. You cannot commence training until this has been provided. 

    You are usually only eligible to apply for the concession at the time of the enrolment, so it is important that you let us know then.

    Once you enrol - you can upload the evidence of concession eligibility to our student study hub - "Webclass". Your concessional enrolment cannot be approved until this has been done.


  • Application of Existing Study Credit Transfers

    Under the Queensland funded programs we are required to report all possible Credit Transfers from previous studies under your qualification.

    You are required to advise us of all past studies and provide a Statement of Attainment.

    This rule may restrict your selection of additional electives. 

Queensland Eligibility Checker

Confirm that you are eligible to access Queensland government subsidised training.
Note traineeships have separate eligibility criteria. See the Traineeships page.

Check Your Eligibility

Studying at ACCM College

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  • No Exams and Lots of Help

    There are no stressful exams.

    Our assessments are thorough, but are self-paced and help is only a phone call or email away.

    Activities that you are asked to do are practical and based on real life workplace experiences and needs.

    You will have a Study Timetable and we will help you keep to it so that you end up with the qualification that you deserve as quickly as is feasible.

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    ACCM College is proactive about being in touch. When you apply to enrol our Service One team will call you immediately and guide you through to finish the enrolment process. They will also contact you weekly for the first 6 weeks to ensure you are on track and comfortable with online learning.

    After your onboarding has been completed a Student Adviser will make contact to introduce themselves as your main point of contact and assistance with your ongoing study.

    You will continue to receive regular phone calls, emails and SMS to check your progress and offer help. If we see you getting behind we will increase our efforts to contact you to ensure you are getting the help you need.

    Study online – not alone; and be supported every step of the way!

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    You can also see your personal Study Timetable and have clear goals of when your subjects are to be completed.

Am I eligible?

Answer these questions to find out if you are eligible to access Queensland government subsidised training.

I am 15 years or older
I have left school
I live in QLD
I am an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident or New Zealand citizen.
The Highest Qualification I have achieved since leaving school and turning 17, or am currently enrolled in, is:

Congratulations!  You are eligible.

Enrol online to reserve your place.

The eligibility rules are complex. You may still be eligible… but we need to talk to you about your specific circumstances.

You are eligible to enrol in available Certificate 4 courses under this program. Currently the College offers Certificate IV in Accounting.

Enrol online to reserve your place.