Jobs & Skills WA

Jobs & Skills WA subsidised courses available in WA

If you live in Western Australia you have the opportunity to access a subsidised training course under Jobs & Skills WA.

Jobs & Skills WA government subsidised training makes gaining your qualification affordable and achievable, with subsidies that reduce the costs in specified Traineeship courses under User Choice, and many certificate and diploma level courses as Priority Industry Qualifications.

Jobs & Skills WA flexible eligibility rules makes subsidised training open to eligible Western Australian residents, regardless of employment status and the qualifications you hold. 

Now is the time to take up this opportunity.  It’s time to get skilled for the future!

Jobs & Skills WA courses are subsidised by the Department of Training and Workforce Development.

About Jobs & Skills WA Subsidised Training and Traineeships

  • Eligibility for Jobs & Skills WA Subsidised Training

    To be eligible to undertake a subsidised course in Western Australia you must meet these criteria:

    • Be a Western Australian resident

    • Be an Australian permanent resident, Australian Citizen or a holder of visa subclass 309, 310, 820 or 826; or a dependent or spouse of the primary holder of a visa subclass 457

    • Have left school (normally a minimum age of 17 ½)

    • Or be employed as a trainee in WA

    The employment status for Jobs & Skills WA Priority Industry Program subsidised qualifications is irrelevant. Students may be employed or unemployed.

    Under Jobs & Skills Traineeships - trainees must be employed and meet the Traineeship eligibility rules. For Traineeship eligibility, see the Traineeship page.

    Note New Zealand Citizens are not eligible unless they have obtained permanent residency and can show evidence of this (as the standard Special Category Visa is a temporary Visa only).

  • Types of Programs Available Under Jobs & Skills WA

    Jobs & Skills WA subsidises the following programs:

    • New Entrant Traineeships 
    • Existing Worker Traineeships
    • Private and employed students enrolling in courses determined by WA as Priority Industry Qualifications
  • Courses Available as Jobs & Skills WA Priority Industry Qualifications

    Only limited courses are subsidised in Western Australia under Jobs & Skills WA as priority industry qualifications. These include (but are subject to change):

    Certificate IV in Information Technology Networking (ICT40415)

    Certificate IV in Business Sales (BSB40615)

    • Diploma of Financial Services (FNS51815)

    Diploma of Accounting (FNS50215)

    Advanced Diploma of Banking Services Management (FNS60615)

  • Fees for Traineeships and Priority Industry Programs under Jobs & Skills WA

    Under the WA Program rules all subsidised students must be charged a course fee. We call this your enrolment fee.

    This is calculated by a rate set by the WA government and also varies based upon the subjects you choose to undertake. All training providers must charge the same rate, and so for the same subjects the course fee will be the same.

    WA Course fee rates for 2019 (View the WA Vet Fees and Charges Policy 2019)

    • Certificate II – Certificate IV - $3.25 per nominal hour
    • Diploma and Advanced Diploma - $ 5.79 per nominal hour
    • All existing worker traineeships regardless of qualification level - $ 5.79 per nominal hour

    Subjects not completed in 2019 are subject to a rate increase as determined by the WA government, and ongoing approval of that course on the funding list. 

    Estimates of the applicable student enrolment fees are displayed on each course page based on the most common elective choices. When you enrol and select your initial electives an invoice will be provided showing the fee applicable to each subject.

    FEE CAVEAT: The Student tuition fees are indicative only and are subject to change given individual circumstances at enrolment. Additional fees may apply such as Student service and resource fees.

    Final fees are calculated at the end of training once the chosen and completed electives are known.  If there is a difference, an adjustment note will be issued.

    The College quoted course fees are inclusive of all aspects of training and cover all provided resources.

    Concession fees are available for eligible students in Certificate II – IV level courses.

    All College courses are available at a fair price, with an interest free payment plan.

    See also the range of New Worker and Existing Worker Traineeships that are funded, and the applicable contribution fees.




    Fees vary based on the type of traineeship and the course undertaken. The fees are quoted on each course page.

    For Trainees registered under a WA eligible traineeship or Existing Worker traineeship, the applicable fees are as specified in the VET Fees and Charges Policy 2019.

    In 2019:

    • the Certificate II, III and IV new worker traineeship fee is $3.25

    • the existing worker traineeship and diploma level traineeship fee is $5.79

    FEE CAVEAT: The Student tuition fees are indicative only and are subject to change given individual circumstances at enrolment. Additional fees may apply such as Student service and resource fees.

    For a traineeship not on the funding list, or not within the College funding allocation, fees will be as per the College published standard price or as agreed with the client on a fee for service basis.

    By approving the enrolment, employers of trainees in WA are acknowledging that they will pay the student fees on the trainees behalf and request the invoice to be issued directly to them.

  • Do I Have to be Employed to Enrol Under Jobs & Skills WA

    No you don't need to be employed. Nor does your employer need to know about your enrolment.

    Jobs & Skills WA priority industry qualification subsidised enrolments can be done independently of your employer, and are also available if you are currently unemployed and committed to completing the course to improve your employment prospects.

  • Can I Access Jobs & Skills WA Subsidised Training Through My Employer

    Yes – you can ask your employer to “sponsor” your enrolment in WA subsidised training. Employers are most likely to agree where the course is of mutual benefit.

    Your employer may also ask you to enrol in a WA subsidised course to improve your skills. They may even agree to pay your enrolment fee.

    We will need a written instruction from your employer confirming they will pay your enrolment fees.

    Trainees should refer to the specific information on traineeship programs.


  • WA Traineeship Program

    WA has a separate way to determine what New Entrant Traineeships and what Existing Worker Traineeships are subsidised, and to what extent.

    Check the relevant course page for traineeship fee information applicable to that course. The Traineeship page will explain the traineeship program.

  • Subsidised Existing Worker Traineeships in Western Australia

    The WA Government also subsidises eligible existing workers to undertake some traineeships in higher level (i.e. Certificate IV and above) priority courses.

    These currently include qualifications in the following areas (subject to change):

    • Certificate IV in Bookkeeping (FNS40215)
    • Certificate IV in Customer Engagement (BSB40315)
    • Certificate IV in Financial Practice Support (FNS40715)
    • Certificate IV in General Insurance (FNS41415)
    • Certificate IV in Information Technology Networking (ICT40415)
    • Diploma of Leadership and Management (BSB51915)

    An existing worker is defined as a person employed with the same employer continuously for more than three months full time or 12 months casual or part time or a combination of both, immediately prior to the commencement date of the training contract. Please note that the term of employment includes any periods of approved leave.

  • WA Concession Fee Rate of 50% and Eligibility

    Eligible students are entitled to a 50% concession rate on fees for training up to Certificate IV level.

    Concession does not apply for Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas.

    The following students are entitled to the concession rate on course fees:

    a) Persons and dependants of persons holding: i) A Pensioner Concession Card. ii) A Repatriation Health Benefits Card issued by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs. iii) A Health Care Card.

    b) Persons and dependants of persons in receipt of AUSTUDY or ABSTUDY.

    c) Persons and dependants of persons in receipt of the Youth Allowance.

    d) Persons and dependants of persons who are inmates of a custodial institution.  

    If the concession is valid for the full enrolment period, then all eligible units commenced within that period attract the concession rate.

    If the concession is valid for part of the enrolment period, then only eligible units commenced on or after the start date and prior to the expiry of the concession attract the concession rate. [6.3.1 WA Fee Policy] 

  • Withdrawal Without Penalty Rules for Jobs and Skills WA

    a) Jobs & Skills WA student fees apply on a Unit of Competency basis.   There may be one or more Units of Competency in a course subject.

    b) For Jobs & Skills WA students, a Withdrawal Without Penalty / Census Date applies and is calculated at 20% of the duration for each subject. This means that the College Refund policy is varied for these students to the extent that they may have started a subject but if they have notified us of withdrawal in the first 20% of the time allowed for that subject, they are eligible for a refund of fees paid for that subject.   [VFCP 6.8.2]

    VFCP = VET Fees and Charges Policy 2018 v2.0 effective 28 June 2018

    Updated Dec 2018

Jobs & Skills WA Eligibility Checker

Confirm that you are eligible to access Western Australian government subsidised training.
Note traineeships have separate eligibility criteria. See the traineeships page.

Check Your Eligibility

Why Employers Choose ACCM

  • Customised Training Development

    ACCM has a long history of working with employers to develop a customised training program that meets training needs and maximises access to subsidised training opportunities.

    Talk to us about your needs and priorities, and your ideal training program.

  • Government Funded Training Contracts

    ACCM is a national provider and has long term contracts across states and territories that support employers with subsidised training options. Let us work our way through the rules and regulations and deliver to you the best outcome.

Why ACCM is the Training Provider of Choice

  • Maximum RTO Registration Status - Recognising Quality Delivery

    The College is a Registered Training Organisation meeting the Standards for Registered Training Organisations. Our National Provider number is 1441.

    The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) is the government agency that supervises and approves the licencing of Registered Training Organisations.

    Our Registration Certificate shows that the College is registered to deliver nationally accredited training until 17 January 2023 - yes that's a long way into the future. 

    Read about how we achieved the maximum registration period and what that means.

  • Outstanding Survey Results - National Quality Indicators

    Wow – another year and awesome results in the National Quality Indicators!

    RTOs are required to collect surveys from students and employers. The survey questions are fixed so that comparisons can be made between RTOs, and from year to year. These are called the National Quality Indicators. And we not only get great results – we have done so consistently. 

    Look at the consistent history of excellent results in our latest National Quality Indicators Report.

  • Long Term Client Satisfaction - The Best Evidence of Quality

    The College has a wide range of long term and loyal clients who appreciate the industry expertise, flexibility and quality of the work that we do to deliver traineeships and training to their staff.  

    We excel at understanding the specific needs of each client and so are able to get equally outstanding reviews from employers in different sectors.

    Don’t take our word for it - see the many Client Success Stories for more information.

  • Student Success - A Measure of the Support We Provide

    Each year the quality of the training and traineeships delivered by the College is acknowledged through the recognition of our high achieving students in the Department of Education Trainee of the Year awards.

    In every year we have had multiple students, across different study categories, be recognised; and in turn recognise the help and support of their College Student Adviser. Look at these amazing success stories.

  • The Best ASQA Compliance Rating

    ASQA is the government body that supervises Registered Training Organizations (RTOs) like the College.

    It is responsible for auditing RTOs and making sure they are following the RTO Standards legislation and other rules.

    ASQA issue a rating that reflects their findings. The College received the highest possible rating: Demonstrated consistently compliant.

    Read more about this rating system at ASQA.

    ACCM is proud that its focus on quality has been recognised by being given the best ASQA Compliance rating possible.


Studying at the College

  • Course Support that Students Rave About

    ACCM helps you succeed in your studies by giving you the support of a dedicated team of Student Advisers with real life industry experience. You will have one dedicated Student Adviser who will personally manage your program; and the benefit of a team around them to provide expert assistance in all subject areas.

    Students actively comment about the supportiveness of their Student Advisers, in particular their skills at passing on their knowledge and making even the hardest subject easy to understand.

  • Quality Learning Materials that get Great Reviews

    Our step by step course materials have been written by industry experts specifically for the College to give you the most relevant and useful learner information you need.

    The resources give you industry insight and understanding by simplifying industry jargon and concepts, and focusing on current real world business practices.

    We pride ourselves on providing high quality learner resources that set you up for success.

    Our students have the opportunity to give us immediate subject reviews so we always have the opportunity to get even better.

  • 24/7 Access to Course Materials

    Everything you need is a click away. Access your course materials 24/7, submit your assessments, update your contact details, view your results and see your assessors feedback.

    All of the course materials are accessed online so that you can complete your subjects at a time and place that suits you. You receive your login details by email within an hour of enrolling!

    You don't need to be connected to the internet all the time though – you can download and then work on the study documents offline.

    If you prefer pen and paper – you can even print your assessments and then scan them when you are ready to submit.

    If you really, really prefer paper and don’t have access to a printer we can print and post. A small fee applies to cover our costs to do this for you.

    For a small number of courses we use specialist textbooks that will be sent to you at no additional cost.

  • No Exams and Great Assessment Help

    There are no stressful exams.

    Our assessments are thorough, but are self-paced and help is only a phone call away.

    You will have a Study Timetable and we will help you keep to it so that you end up with the qualification that you deserve as quickly as is feasible.

  • Regular Contact from Us. Yes - We Call You!

    ACCM is proactive about being in touch. Your Student Adviser will make regular phone calls to check your progress and offer help.

    Study online – not alone; and be supported every step of the way!

  • Start and Study Anytime - Enjoy the Flexibility

    ACCM accepts immediate on-line enrolments giving you the ability to decide when you want to start your study program.

    Within an hour of enrolling you will be emailed your personal login details giving you access to your course materials 24/7 and allowing you the flexibility to choose when and where you study.

    You can also see your personal Study Timetable and have clear goals of when your subjects are to be completed.

Am I eligible?

Answer these questions to find out if you are eligible to access Western Australian government subsidised training.

I live in WA
I am 15 years or older
I have left school
I am an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident
I am a holder of visa subclass 309, 310, 820 or 826; or a dependent or spouse of the primary holder of a visa subclass 457.

Congratulations!  You are eligible.

Enrol online to reserve your place.

The eligibility rules are complex. You may still be eligible… but we need to talk to you about your specific circumstances.