Sustainability - It's NOT Too Late

Being an ethical Australian educational provider drives our goal towards being a sustainable business and making Australia a better place to live, work and study.

We believe in the power of education and also of positive role models. We know that it makes a world of difference when we show our students how we, and they, can act to be more sustainable.

Sustainability means managing the needs of the environment, the economy and also society. 

To be sustainable we are committed to:

  • Minimising our carbon footprint
  • Offsetting our remaining carbon usage
  • Using 100% renewable energy
  • Actively limiting our usage of consumables and waste generation
  • Supporting climate action initiatives
  • Educating students on sustainability issues that relate to their field of study

Get on board and let's ensure there is a positive future for Australia and the world. 

It's not too late BUT we all need to act now.