Student Support Services Policy

version Dec 2014; revised June 2016; updated Dec 2016

Student Support Services Policy

The College is committed to ensuring that

  • The delivery methods of College courses is clearly disclosed so that students that need a particular delivery style are clear about what the College is offering.
  • All students are offered all practical and reasonable support to complete their qualification.
  • Students receive regular follow up and assistance from Student Advisers.
  • Flexibility is used, subject to meeting any program or assessment rules.
  • External experts that can support students with specific needs are accessed as needed and their contact details published so that students can access these services without firstly having to contact the College.
  • Where the learners specific needs are unable to be supported - we openly disclose that and help the learner find a more suitable training course.


Student Support Policy Details

  • Determining Student Special Needs at Enrolment Application Stage

    a) Prior to commencement of a course the College will undertake an Initial Skills Assessment that includes identifying any LLN or special needs of each individual.

    b) In the case of employment based enrolments such as traineeships, the College will work in conjunction with workplace supervisors to identify and address any individual learning needs.

  • Referral to More Appropriate Course Delivery Option

    The College will fully explore reasonable adjustment and available support services that might enable the student to successfully complete a College program.

    These reasonable adjustments include modification to assessment and provision of additional services; however adjustments are not provided that would undermine the core or inherent learning required.

    The College can support students by:

    • providing soft or hard copy resources (fees may apply for printing)
    • scheduling more regular phone tutorial assistance
    • adjusting material font size in learner resources
    • providing tutorials on how to use Webclass 
    • allow "bridging" units ie lower level units to build foundation knowledge (fees may apply)
    • undertake verbal flexible assessment where appropriate

    Where a learner has a mentor or interpreter or disability coach we will work with them to support your learning. However please note that the College does not provide these specialist LLN support staff.

    Where the delivery method offered by the College does not suit the individual learning needs of that student the College will identify a better alternative for that student, including referring them to other providers or helping them find a more suitable course. For this reason we may decline to accept an enrolment; or conditionally accept an enrolment pending demonstration that the student can be successfully in that course/delivery mode.

    In summary, if we are not confident that we can support a students learning needs with the support facilities we can offer, we will not proceed with enrolment.