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Courses for your employees

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ACCM College offer an exceptional range of business, accounting, IT, supply chain and management online courses which support many employer and traineeship outcomes. These are nationally recognised qualifications within Australia.

We offer flexible course delivery. All of the course materials are accessed online so that your employee can complete their subjects at a time and place that suits you. You receive live access to their progress.

We help them succeed in their studies by giving them the support of a whole team of Student Advisers, all with real life industry experience. They will have one dedicated Student Adviser who will personally manage their program, and the benefit of a team around them to provide expert assistance in all subject areas.

Government Funding for Your Staff and Trainees

Providing your staff with relevant industry training and education will give you and your business a multitude of immediate and long standing benefits.

The benefits include: an increase in productivity, better staff morale and a higher staff retention rate. There are also Government incentives that make the training process even more beneficial.

ACCM College can develop a program to meet your needs and offer advice and access to subsidised training options.

Government funded programs vary from state to state. Below you will find all the information needed regarding courses and state specific Government funded programs and traineeships. You can also request us to contact you to discuss your needs.

Why Employers Choose ACCM

  • Customised Training Development

    ACCM College has a long history of working with employers to develop a customised training program that meets training needs and maximises access to subsidised training opportunities.

    Talk to us about your needs and priorities, and your ideal training program.

  • Government Funded Training Contracts

    ACCM College is a national provider and has long term contracts across states and territories that support employers with subsidised training options. Let us work our way through the rules and regulations and deliver to you the best outcome.

  • Long Term Client Satisfaction - The Best Evidence of Quality

    ACCM College has a wide range of long term and loyal clients who appreciate the industry expertise, flexibility and quality of the work that we do to deliver traineeships and training to their staff.  

    We excel at understanding the specific needs of each client, so we are able to get equally outstanding reviews from employers in different sectors.

    Don’t take our word for it - see the many Client Success Stories for more information.