Validating a Testamur
Do you need to ensure a certificate is valid?

Testamurs, testamurs, everywhere!

A frequent request we receive here at ACCM is to validate a Testamur for our former students.

A testamur is the formal document that shows a qualification or Statement of Attainment has been granted/achieved.

New (or prospective) employers, Universities and other training providers all have valid reasons to ensure a qualification is valid to meet the needs of the testamur holder.

And with so many former learners doing great things with their qualifications, this happens all the time!


The good news is this is something that can now be done automatically.

For privacy reasons (of course!) ACCM cannot provide information about any of our students, their information or qualification results without the proper releases being obtained.

This takes time for our students and the requestor to fill out and submit (even though we try to respond on the same day!)

However, if a learner has given a copy of their testamur (printed qualification), that document (and only that document) can be validated online without written approval from the learner.

The only information this online system provides that the specific document, name and qualification code being checked are valid.

This protects our students and their privacy, while making it easier for them to prove their testmur is valid


How to get started

Simply click this link to reach our Validate a Testamur page.

You will need the actual document to input the required information, so make sure you have it handy.

Information on how to use the validator are on the page.