Policies and Terms and Conditions

Individual Policies are updated separately.  Policy Page Updated Aug 2020, Jan 2021, Oct 2021, Mar 2022, Updated Jun 2022, Reviewed Dec 2023

Important Student and Client Information

As a Registered Training Organisation the Australian College must have, and apply, a range of quality practice policies.

Also, under most government funded or subsidised training programs, students are required to be made aware of, and acknowledge, important student information that is contained in these policies.

If you have a need for information that isn't provided below - just let us know and we will direct you to the right policy document.

Overview of the Enrolment Process

The following is background information to assist you in understanding the enrolment process.

EMPLOYER AUTHORISES ENROLMENTS  For Employment Based Enrolments Only

STUDENT APPLIES TO ENROL  This is done on the enrolment page on the College website. You access that page either from the Course page on this website or you may be sent an email that has a hyperlink to the Enrolment page. The Enrolment page links to the College Policy page that includes important information that students must be aware of prior to enrolment such as: Fees, Refund Policy; Privacy policy; USI requirements; Consumer Protection Policy, Support Services and other Student Information.

Use the Enrolment Application Form on that webpage to Apply.

CALCULATING FEES Select your state, course and enrolment type. Enrolment types may vary from state to state as we may have contracts under state funded programs which may reduce your fees if you select one of these options.

Once you select these 3 pieces of information – your course fees are quoted immediately. In addition there is a payment plan calculator linked so you can estimate your fees over a weekly or fortnightly basis. For trainees and other employees where their employer has agreed to pay your fees you are likely to be sent an email that gives you a hyperlink to a customised Enrolment page that has prefilled course and employer details and allows fees to be invoice your employer.

ONLINE ENROLMENT FORM The Online Enrolment Form: asks for Personal Contact Details; required Statistical information; it links to key policies we want you to be aware of and agree to (like the refund policy); obtains starting information about your literacy and digital literacy skills; and gets your agreement and Privacy consent. In some cases this personal and statistical information may adjust your pricing (subject to state funding rules about past qualifications and other aspects).

The final step in the Application Process is to indicate how your will pay your fees. You can pay a lump sum up front (maximum payment of $1500 upfront with later payments scheduled) or use a payment plan or indicate that your employer is paying for the course. The payment plan does require a $100 upfront payment and then a regular payment cycle as you choose. If you are not in a position to immediately make the upfront payment of $100 - delay enrolling until then OR call us to discuss your circumstances.

Remember if your employer is paying your fees you will either have a Application that shows this or you can still select Employer payment and give us employer details. In this instance you will not be asked to pay anything.

Note completing the enrolment application does not guarantee you a place. If we advise you that the course is not suited to your needs (or there are no more funded places) you will be refunded any monies paid.Also if the funding options, places or fees have varied - we will give you more up to date information or the opportunity to cancel without penalty.

A PDF copy of your Enrolment Application and the Terms and Conditions that you have agreed to will be emailed to you within the 2 hours of applying to enrol.

CHECKS PERFORMED FOR GOVERNMENT SUBSIDISED PROGRAM ELIGIBILITY  This includes notifying the relevant government Department of your details and your request to enrol in a subsidised program. The Enrolment Terms and Conditions include your consent for the College to do this. When we undertake this step depends on the program and any documentation needed.

STUDENT GOES TO WEBCLASS TO COMPLETE ADMINISTRATIVE ITEMS  Once you apply to enrol you will receive an email that has Webclass login details. You must then log in to Webclass. Webclass has instructions to enable you to do key items such as ID Documents; USI and Initial Skills Assessment. Your enrolment cannot be approved until these are completed. You are emailed Webclass login details within 2 hours of enrolment so check spam/junk if you haven't received them..

COLLEGE DETERMINES COURSE SUITABILITY  Our Service Team will onboard you. They will call you normally on the business day that you enrol to guide you and to book a time for your formal induction. A key part of induction is to ensure your suitability to the course (having considered your Initial Skills Assessment, your goals and items discussed with you). Note that before this can be done – you must complete the Administrative items.

INDIVIDUAL LEARNING NEEDS IDENTIFIED AND TRAINING PLAN DEVELOPED   A Training Plan or Outline will be developed that confirms the content of your course and the dates that assessments are due to be completed. It will also summarise any agreed support and assistance needed to support your individual learning needs. Students that are registered as Trainees will need to get this signed by their employer and returned to the College.

ENROLMENT APPROVED   At this stage your enrolment is approved. Approval is subject to meeting requirements not already fully met, agreed payments made on time, and meeting the College Student Participation Standards.