Policies and Terms and Conditions

Updated Jan 2018

Important Student and Client Information

As a Registered Training Organisation the Australian College must have, and apply, a range of quality practice policies.

Also, under most government funded or subsidised training programs, students are required to be made aware of, and acknowledge, important student information that is contained in these policies.

If you have a need for information that isn't provided below - just let us know and we will direct you to the right policy document.

Overview of the Enrolment Process

The following is background information to assist you in understanding the enrolment process.

EMPLOYER AUTHORISES ENROLMENTS  For Employment Based Enrolments Only

STUDENT APPLIES TO ENROL  This is done on the enrolment page on the College website. That page links to the College Policy page that includes important information that students must be aware of prior to enrolment such as: Fees, Refund Policy; Privacy policy; USI requirements; Consumer Protection Policy, Support Services and other Student Information.

CHECKS PERFORMED FOR GOVERNMENT SUBSIDISED PROGRAM ELIGIBILITY  This includes notifying the relevant government Department of your details and your request to enrol in a subsidised program. The Enrolment Terms and Conditions include your consent for the College to do this.

STUDENT GOES TO WEBCLASS TO COMPLETE ADMINISTRATIVE ITEMS  Webclass has instructions to enable you to do key items such as ID Documents; USI and Initial Skills Assessment. Your enrolment cannot be approved until these are completed. You are emailed Webclass login details.

COLLEGE STUDENT ADVISER DETERMINES COURSE SUITABILITY AND INDIVIDUAL LEARNING NEEDS  You will be allocated a College Student Adviser to assist you with progress. They will call you within the first few days of enrolment to confirm that you meet course entry requirements and to customise the course to suit your needs by selecting suitable subject electives. Note that before this can be done – you must complete the Administrative items.

TRAINING PLAN DEVELOPED   A Training Plan or Outline will be developed that confirms the content of your course and the dates that assignments are due. Trainees will need to get this signed and returned to the College.

ENROLMENT APPROVED   At this stage your enrolment is approved. Approval is subject to meeting requirements not already fully met, payment made on time, and meeting the College Student Participation Standards.