Course Deferral, Suspension and Cancellation Policy

Updated Feb 2019, reviewed Jun 2019, Dec 2019, Jun 2020, Dec 2020, Updated Dec 2021, Reviewed Jun 2022, Reviewed July 2023

Course Deferral, Suspension and Cancellation Policy

ACCM College, through the application of its Deferral, Suspensions and Course Cancellation Policy, will:

  • Offer students the opportunity to defer studies for a reasonable time for reasonable reasons
  • Ensure that a deferral does not incur the student additional fees, or a reduced entitlement to a refund
  • Advise students where their eligibility to government funded or subsidised training may be impacted by deferrals or discontinuation of studies
  • Meet government funded or subsidised training contract requirements
  • Implement appropriate procedures to efficiently offer and manage student requests to defer or discontinue studies
  • Publicise withdrawal procedures as required under specific programs such as Smart and Skilled

Deferring or Suspending Studies

  • Deferrals and Suspensions Subject to Program Rules

    Students may defer studies in accordance with the following Policy options subject to any government funded or subsidised program allowing the deferral and completion of any ACCM College or government required forms.

  • Deferral Up to Three Months

    a) Students may defer studies without reason for up to 3 months, subject to requirements of government funded enrolments.


  • Deferral Requests for Over 3 Months

    a) Students must provide a reason for deferrals past 3 months. This may include medical or pressing family situations.

    b) ACCM College may request appropriate evidence in support of the deferral.

    c) Deferral over 3 months must be approved by a Team Leader with reference to the CEO where funding guidelines are not clear. 

  • Deferrals or Suspensions of Trainees

    a) Where students seeking a deferral are registered trainees, this must be processed as a traineeship suspension and be approved by the relevant State Training authority.

    b) The required form must be completed by the trainee and employer and provided to ACCM College for submission to the Australian Apprenticeship Network Provider for processing.

  • Employer Initiated Enrolments Require Deferral Approval

    Where the enrolment is through the employer, the employer must agree to the deferral request. This may be verbally or by email.

  • Submitting and Approval of Deferral Requests

    a) Students should email their ACCM College Student Adviser requesting deferral and provide a recommencement date.

    b) Deferral is not approved until confirmed by email.

    c) Prior to approval the rules under an applicable state funded program will be checked and any required supporting evidence or forms obtained.

    d) Once approved the "deferral status/trigger" is added and the next College contact date will be amended by the Student Adviser to after the end of the deferral period.

    e) Once the student recommences the due dates of subjects will be revised to allow the student to recommence with the progress status of "on timetable".

  • Qualification Superseded While On Deferral

    Where the qualification is superseded during a student deferral period ACCM College will issue a Statement of Attainment for units completed in line with the ASQA Transition policy and consult with the student about recommencing the newer qualification.

  • Maximum Deferral Period

    a) The maximum deferral period is 12 months.

    b) Where a student is not able to recommence within that time their enrolment will be cancelled by ACCM College.

    c) Students can then contact ACCM College to request recommencement after that time. Additional Fees may apply.

  • Impact of Deferral or Suspension on Fees Payable and Refund Entitlement

    a) Where a deferral or suspension has been approved, the obligation for fee payments for the time of the deferral is also deferred.

    b) If at the end of the deferral period the student elects to withdraw (and advises ACCM College) their eligibility to a refund will be determined from the date the deferral period started.

    c) This allows students an option to put their course "on hold" without a financial impact.

Cancelling or Withdrawing from Studies

  • Advising of Cancellation or Withdrawal

    a) Students may advise their ACCM College Student Adviser that they wish to discontinue their studies at any time.

    b) Advice can be verbal or by email or in writing, except for enrolments where a refund is requested in accordance with the Refund Policy.

    c) Withdrawals seeking a refund should be done in writing so there is no misunderstanding about the date of withdrawal.

    d) Students are asked to provide a reason for cancellation, including if the services offered were not as required.

  • Confirmation of Cancellation Request

    a) Cancellation requests should only be considered as having been received by ACCM College when an acknowledgement email is received back by the student.

    b) If a cancellation request involving a refund is not acknowledged, phone ACCM College to confirm receipt.

  • Assumed Cancellation

    a) ACCM College may assume discontinuation where the student does not respond to contact efforts and has been sent notice that unless they contact ACCM College they will be discontinued.

    b) ACCM College will use provided student email addresses as the contact method.

  • Impact of Discontinuation on Further Government Funded or Subsidised Courses

    a) Many state and commonwealth funded and subsidised training programs limit the number of enrolments.

    b) ACCM College will endeavour to identify where a student may be limited in further funded study options and advise the student that they may have no or limited further study opportunities if they proceed with withdrawing. It is however the students responsibility to identify that limitation directly with the government department concerned.

Specific Rules for Government Funded Programs

  • NSW Smart and Skilled Maximum 12 Months Deferral

    a) Under the NSW Smart and Skilled Operating Guidelines (clause 8) the maximum deferral period is 12 months.

    b) Student records must be reported as on deferral. 

  • Only One Queensland Subsidised Course in Each Program

    a) Eligible students can only access one subsidised course from the Certificate 3 Guarantee program. It is important that you take the time to carefully consider your training options before committing to a course of study.

    b) Upon completion of your Certificate III you can then enrol into a Higher Level Skills course if you are eligible.

    c) Eligible students for the Higher Level Skills Program can only access one Certificate IV level and above qualification.