Feedback Policy

Reviewed Jun 2020, Dec 2020, Updated Jun 2021, Reviewed Dec 2021, Updated Jan 2022, Mar 2022, Reviewed Jun 2022, Dec 2023

ACCM Feedback Policy

ACCM College Feedback Commitment and Policy

ACCM College understands that collecting and actioning feedback from our students and stakeholders is critical to our success in helping our student’s reach their goals.

We have always treated collecting feedback as an active effort versus a passive process; in fact, we use every opportunity we can think of to collect it.


The many ways ACCM collects feedback from our students, staff and stakeholders

 - Prompted and unprompted feedback collected during our regular and ongoing student contact and recorded in our student management system

 - Mid-Course Surveys completed by our students give us an opportunity to better shape individual learning outcomes and collect data for big picture changes

 - Each Subject in our student’s timetables has a feedback section that captures specific comments relating to the quantity and quality of our learning materials

 - Students are able to provide specific “Comments to the Assessor” during the assessment process to call attention to key points relative to their unique experience

 - Our Staff Recognition program allows us to capture any positive feedback students or clients want to share about their Student Training Advisers support

 - Internal staff feedback on our materials and processes is an ongoing source of improvement, as our staff work so closely with our students, clients, materials and procedures

 - Client and employer feedback is routinely sought, collected and reviewed by our Client Relationship Director and teams ongoing contact and support

 - Government-mandated Learner and Employer Surveys cover a broad range of learner and employer experiences used to inform national bodies and our own long term efforts

 - Feedback of any kind can be submitted via ACCM’s website to ensure all stakeholders have a chance to have their voices heard and responded to by ACCM’s leadership

 - Complaints, while unfortunate, are an invaluable source of constructive feedback and suggestions that gives ACCM the chance to directly address any concerns

 - Client, student and industry consultation helps us to create more meaningful and relevant subjects and assessments


Just a few of the other ways we monitor our own quality

 - Ongoing validations (reviews) of our learning and assessment material to ensure they meet the needs of industry, our learners and VET compliance requirements

 - Monthly audits of our Student Advisers assessment skills, to ensure a quality outcome that meets the strict requirements of the VET sector

 - Monthly progress reviews of our students to ensure they are making positive strides in their course and we are reaching out to them (proactively)


Converting feedback "data" to information we can use to improve:

The feedback we gather and record allows ACCM to “do better” at the student level and also shape “how” we run our business in the future.

Throughout the month and at the end of each month, ACCM’s senior leadership reviews, analyses and actions the feedback we collect as part of our continuous improvement.

In some cases, feedback will drive an immediate response to help ensure a good outcome, or that feedback may shape and drive big picture changes.

The key for ACCM, is that we review and save all of the feedback we collect, allowing us to make informed decisions on the best way to support our learners now and long into the future.


Just some of ACCM’s success stories based on the outstanding feedback we’ve received 

- Centralised email groups, making it faster to obtain support from a range of Student Advisers and Trainers

 - Adding Progress results to Webclass, allowing learners (and employers) to see real time progress

 - Clustering of Units to better align materials and reduce/eliminate duplication

- Better timetabling of a combined IT and Microsoft Certification program to recognise the workload of the certifications

 - Review of identified assessment activities to ensure the instructions to students are clearer

- Developing better reporting options for employers to see their learners progress

- Summarising learner online activity for both the learner and their employer so that the learner is accountable for 

- Providing quality input into the review of qualifications by Skills Service Organisations to better reflect industry needs and to modernise qualifications, based on industry and learner consultation

- Scheduling our work activities to recognise time zones of learners across the country

- Allowing Webclass to be viewed on mobile devices - allowing learners to see subject dues dates and results 

- Adding a phone number recognition system so learners and employers are connected to their primary contact at ACCM without having to be transferred around

- Developing videos on Webclass to assist new learners prepare for online study

- And of course, many updates to learning materials and assessments as part of a continuous improvement process.


We don't ignore your feedback! But we can't always do what you request

There are times when we get requests that we can't assist with.

For example: to offer a unit of competency that is not suited for on-line delivery, or to run a new program that you may request - when we don't have the required quality staff available at that time to support that program.

In these instances we will let you know why we can't meet your request and we hope that you understand.