Transition and Teach Out of Qualifications Policy

version Jan 2015; revised June 2016

Transition and Teach Out Qualification Policy Statement

The College is committed to ensuring that students are able to complete the most up to date version of any qualification it delivers.

To ensure this happens the College will

  • assist current students to complete their existing course within the teach out period
  • apply for any replacement qualifications as soon as practicable
  • map the old to the new qualification and be able to advise existing students on the implications to change to the newer qualification
  • advise students if we are unable to offer a replacement qualification and
  • allow existing students to change to the newer qualification where offered (subject to any ongoing funding entitlements).

Qualification Transition and Teach Out Policy Details

  • Qualification Updates on the National Training Register

    a) Qualifications are regularly updated on the National Training Register. 

    b) If a qualification is replaced it is called superseded. 

    c) Under the RTO Standards students in the superseded qualification must be completed in that course within 12 months (or as otherwise advised by ASQA).

    d) If the student has not completed they must be closed and a Statement of Attainment issued.

    e) Students can be offered the option to transition / finish their qualification in a newer qualification (if offered by the College).

  • Addition of Newer Qualifications as Soon as Possible

    a) As soon as a newer qualification is published the relevant College Director of Training will review the old and the new qualification and recommend a teach out or upgrade strategy for existing students as a “group”. This will typically involve reviewing timetables and modules for the older qualification and determining how they would compare to a timetable of the newer qualification. Immediate actions may be to advise students to change the order of modules to ensure that the work that they do complete will be recognised under the new qualification (once on scope).

    b) The Director of Training will commence application processes to add the newer qualification to scope as soon as possible; or recommend to the Board why the newer qualification should not be requested.

  • Enrolments into Superseded Courses

    a) The College will continue to advertise and accept enrolments into the superseded qualification on the basis that enrollees will be offered an upgrade to the latest qualification once on scope, at no additional cost, or advised of the time limit to finish. 

    b) Enrolments into the superseded qualification cannot commence 12 months after the date it was superseded, and these will be removed from the website enrolment process. 

  • Completing Existing Students Due to Complete

    a) Existing students who should be completing within the teach out period under standard enrolment periods will be advised that they cannot receive extensions past the end of the teach out period; and so must finish the current qualification.

    b) If these students do not complete in time, or request to transition despite being scheduled to complete in time, and the College agrees to transition them, they will be charged the Transition Fee to transition to the newer qualification.

    c) Students not completed in the superseded qualification and not transitioned will not be entitled to a refund as they will have exceeded their original enrolment term.

  • Transitioning Students Not Due to Complete

    Students who are not due to complete within the teach out period under their enrolment period will be transitioned free of charge at the end of the teach out period.

    b) Where the College determines it is in the interests of those students to transition earlier (eg due to change in subjects) this will be done also free of charge.

  • ACT Trainees Must Transition As Soon as Possible

    ACT trainees require ACT government approval before commencement of the teach out period, if the student is to remain in the superseded qualification.

    The College will transition ACT Trainees as soon as possible.

  • Deleted Qualifications with no Replacement

    Where a qualification has been deleted and no replacement approved, no new students will be enrolled in the qualification. Existing students will be advised that the qualification is now deleted and given a maximum teach out period of 12 months to complete that qualification.

    Where a reasonable alternative qualification is available the College may offer that to students as an alternative to completing the older deleted qualification.