Subcontracting Policy

Updated Dec 2014; June 2016; Jan 2018

Subcontracting Policy Statement

The Australian College of Commerce and Management does not subcontract to other suppliers in the delivery of publicly available services under government funded contracts including:

Specifically, the Australian College of Commerce and Management does NOT sub-contract the recruitment and selection of participants into its publicly available training programs. 

The College does engage a small number of additional assessors on a casual / contract basis to address overflow student assessment marking, or design of learning resources. Such assessors are governed by a written agreement that includes marking standards, moderation participation and audit requirements that must be maintained.

The College does sub-contact some aspects of services with specific employers under an official auspicing arrangement. These are subject to written agreements and audits to ensure College standards are maintained.

Specific Government Funding Rules on Subcontracting

  • NSW Smart and Skilled

    NSW Smart and Skilled requires:

    • Department approval of subcontracting [OpG clause 21];
    • A specific Subcontracting Approval form must be submitted prior to commencing subcontracting activities and a subcontracting approval number obtained.


    Upon approval:

    • the subcontractor arrangement needs to be advertised;
    • all students under the subcontacting arrangement must be advised


    OpG = Operating Guidelines Version released 31 October 2017

  • ACT Skills Capital

    The approval of a subcontracting arrangement is required if the subcontractor does not have an ACT Funding Agreement [ACTS 1.1.3]

    ACTS = ACT Standards for Delivery of Training v3.2 released December 2016

  • Skills Tasmania

    Skills Tasmania User Choice contract: under Schedule 2.1 clause 2.1 the College is not permitted (and so does not) sub-contract the recruitment and selection of participants into training programs.