Ezidebit Terms and Conditions

Reviewed Jun 2020, Dec 2020, Jun 2021, Dec 2021, Updated May 2022, Reviewed Jun 2022, Jul 2023, Dec 2023

Ezidebit Terms and Conditions Application

Ezidebit is the third party payment facility used at the College. When you pay by an instalment plan you are using Ezidebit to arrange the direct debit to your bank account or credit card.

You are entering into an agreement with Ezidebit to allow them to set this facility up. These are a copy of the Terms and Conditions that you are agreeing to.

Note that payments from Credit Cards will show as "Ezidebit" in your Statement.

Ezidebit Variations

Ezidebit Terms and Conditions

It is important that you understand and accept the Terms and Conditions in using the Ezidebit payment system.

To ensure we provide the most current information we have provided a direct link to their site and information.

Click on the link below and a new page will open with the information you need.