Qualification Testamur Issuance and Records Policy

Reviewed Jun 2020, Dec 2020, Jun 2021, Dec 2021, Updated Jun 2022, Reviewed Jul 2023, Dec 2023

Qualification Testamur Issuance Policy Statement

ACCM College will issue a Testamur (Certificate) for completed qualifications, and a Statement of Attainment for partial qualifications, in accordance with the Australian Standards for Registered Training Organisations.

Qualification Testamur Issuance Policy Details

  • Timeframe for Issuance of Qualification Documents

    a) Testamurs and Statements of Attainment are normally issued on the day of formal completion, but will be issued no later than 5 days after a student completing the qualification, subject to the payment of all course fees.

    b) Documents will be issued by standard post to the home address of the student; or where an employment based enrolment to the work address. Students are emailed a PDF copy and asked to confirm their postal address for the paper version.

  • Approved Electronic Copies of Qualification Testamurs

    From 1 October 2016 the College implemented a system of also issuing an electronic/PDF copy of Qualification Testamurs and Statements of Attainment.

    These PDFs look identical to a printed document except that they include the words: "This is an approved electronic copy of the original."

    Students seeking the re-issue of qualifications may ask for an electronic version only.

  • Re-issuing Qualification Testamurs

    Testamurs and Statements of Attainment will be re-issued within 5 days of a student making a request for re-issue and paying the re-issue fee. Each re-issued document will include its print date.

    An option allows for a electronic copy to be sent by email.

    Complete the Application Form and provide payment details.

  • Authenticating College Testamurs Without Student Consent

    a) Testamurs or Statements of Attainment can be authenticated by a copy being provided to ACCM College by any party and requesting that the College confirm the authenticity of that document, or by providing details such as document identifier, name, qualification and completion date and requesting these to be verified (e.g. on a reference form request).

    b) The approval of the student is NOT required to authenticate a Testamur or Statement of Attainment.

    c) Information will be limited to confirming that the information matches our records or advising that the details do not fully match our records. Student approval is required before any other information is provided.

    d) Visit our online validation system here https://accm.edu.au/validate-testamur/ to validate a copy of a Testamur.

  • Revoking Qualification Testamurs

    Testamur and Statements of Attainment will be officially revoked if subsequent to issue, a major breach of policy or error is detected. E.g. student plagiarism, it is identified that there was an act of fraud or dishonesty, or that the person to whom the qualification was awarded has not fulfilled the requirements to have that qualification awarded whether by ACCM College error or other reasons, or where so instructed by our regulator ASQA.

    Writing to the last known address and email address of the recipient will be sufficient notice of revocation. The student may invoke the complaints procedure if they dispute the revocation.

    In addition, where an administrative error has occurred in an issued document, that document will be revoked and a corrected replacement issued at no cost to the student. 

    In all circumstances a qualification must only be issued to a learner whom it has assessed as meeting the requirements of the training product as specified in the relevant training package or VET [vocational education and training] accredited course as specified in Clause 3.1 of the Standards for RTOs 2015.

    All instances that require revocation of an official document will be subject to a full internal investigation and if appropriate referral to accreditation and policing agencies.

  • Issued in Legal Name At Completion of Enrolment

    a) Qualification Testamurs and Statements of attainment will be issued in the legal name of the student as at the completion of the qualification subject to the student also amending its legal name to match at the USI Registrar.

    b) The names under which a student completed the qualification will NOT be changed subsequent to completion of the qualification. Re-issued documents will remain in the name of the originally issued document.

  • Withholding Qualification Testamurs and Statements of Attainment

    a) Where Fees payable are not paid on time ACCM College will withhold formal results and documents such as Qualification Testamurs and Statements of Attainment.

    b) Where a student cancels their enrolment and has not paid for the proportion of the course, or time of the course that they have undertaken, they will be liable to continue payments until this proportion is met. Statements of Attainment will not be issued until the payment is made that reflects the proportion of the course undertaken.

  • Qualifications Will Not Be Issued Based On Credit Transfers

    a) ACCM College will not issue a Qualification Testamur based solely or mostly on Credit Transfers obtained at other RTOs.

    b) At least 30% of units in a course must be undertaken at ACCM College or awarded as RPL by the College (as distinct from Credit Transfer).

    c) Students may still enrol in a Statement of Attainment course and complete specific units, noting that only a Statement of Attainment will be issued.

    d) If ACCM College, at its discretion, agrees to issue a qualification the Minimum Qualification Testamur Issuing Fee applies in addition to subject fees as published on the Course Fees page.

  • Statements of Attainment Not Issued for Credit Transfers

    As a student already holds a Statement of Attainment from the original assessing RTO - ACCM College will not issue a Statement of Attainment for subjects it recognises with a CT result.

Records Management Policy

ACCM College will maintain required records including Testamurs (Certificates) for completed qualifications, and Statements of Attainment for partial qualifications, in accordance with the Australian Standards for Registered Training Organisations.

Although the Standards (Schedule 5 Clause 4) specify a 30 year retention duration that ACCM College has in place a permanent data retention system that means records (in a data format that gives us the capability of recreating key documents) will be retained to perpetuity.

ACCM College also ensures that all student data is correctly lodged with the relevant state/territory authority and/or NCVER on a quarterly basis so that students will be able to access their transcripts via the USI Registry from 2015.

Although it has no intention to close, ACCM College acknowledges the current obligation that should any RTO close it must ensure up to date USI data lodgement, Statements of Attainments are issued to all current students, and provide up to date student data to ASQA in accordance with the Standards.

ACCM College also acknowledges the obligation to retain student assessments, assessment records and assessment evidence, student ID proof, amongst other things for specific periods as outlined in state and territory contracts, under a ASQA General Direction and the Standards for RTOs. As the College retains all such files in data format these obligations are exceeded.