Administration Online Courses


Business Administration Courses can lead to exciting career choices

A Business Administration online course could lead to exciting office career choices such as: Personal Assistant, Executive Assistant, Administration Officer, Legal Clerk, or Medical Receptionist.

We help you succeed in your administration studies by giving you the support of a whole team of Student Advisers, all with real life administration experience. You will have one dedicated Student Adviser who will personally manage your program, and the benefit of a team around them to provide expert assistance in all subject areas.  

What Administration Course is Right For You

  • Need Office Computer Skills

    Certificate III in Business Administration allows a focus on the essential computer skills needed for most office roles. If you already have some computer skills – consider Certificate IV to take them to the next level.

  • Starting in an Office Job

    Certificate III in Business Administration is the perfect course to develop general office skills like time management as well as computer skills for modern office environments. 

  • Want to be a Medical Receptionist

    Certificate III Business Administration (Medical) is the right starting course to develop the specific administration skills and medical knowledge for a medical practice.

  • Legal Receptionist is your ideal job

    Certificate III Business Administration (Legal) is the right starting course to develop administration skills and knowledge of the legal environment

  • Office Manager skills

    The Diploma in Business Administration is a higher level qualification that lets you explore setting up and analysing business systems. It is suited to those with past administration experience. The Diploma of Leadership and Management is another choice if you just want to focus on higher level staff management responsibilities.

  • Office Work in Education

    Certified III in Business Administration (Education) is a specialist administration course for those starting administration careers with an educational institution.

  • Business or Business Administration

    Business Administration courses tend to have a greater emphasis on desktop computing skills than the general business qualifications.

Administration Careers

Administration courses teach you more than how to word process and give you career options that stretch past the typical office environment.

Administration is a field with a huge variety of career opportunities across almost every industry sector including legal, medical, manufacturing, travel, banking, corporate and small business.

It’s a safe career choice, that can also open up some exciting opportunities.

Take a look at where you can go with an administration career.

Studying at ACCM College

  • Course Support that Students Rave About

    ACCM College helps you succeed in your studies by giving you the support of a dedicated team of Student Advisers with real life industry experience. You will have one dedicated Student Adviser who will personally manage your program; and the benefit of a team around them to provide expert assistance in all subject areas.

    Students actively comment about the supportiveness of their Student Advisers, in particular their skills at passing on their knowledge and making even the hardest subject easy to understand.

  • Quality Learning Materials that Receive Great Reviews

    Our step by step course materials have been written by our own industry experts to give learners the most relevant and useful information needed.

    The online resources provide industry insight and understanding by simplifying industry jargon and concepts, and focusing on current real world business practices.

    We pride ourselves on providing high quality learner resources that set our learners up for success.

    ACCM College students have the opportunity to give us immediate subject feedback and feedback to the assessor upon submission, so we always have the opportunity to become even better.

  • Access to Course Materials

    All of the course materials are accessed and completed online, allowing learners to complete subjects at a time and place that suits.

    Webclass login details are provided via email within an hour of enrolling.

    On Webclass learners can:

    • Access online learning and assessment materials 24/7
    • Submit assessments, view assessment results and assessor feedback
    • Update contact details



  • No Exams and Lots of Help

    There are no stressful exams.

    Our assessments are thorough, but are self-paced and help is only a phone call or email away.

    Activities that you are asked to do are practical and based on real life workplace experiences and needs.

    You will have a Study Timetable and we will help you keep to it so that you end up with the qualification that you deserve as quickly as is feasible.

  • Regular Contact from Us. Yes - We Call You!

    ACCM is proactive about being in touch. When you apply to enrol, our Service One team will call you immediately and guide you through to finish the enrolment process. They will also contact you weekly for the first 6 weeks to ensure you are on track and comfortable with online learning.

    After your onboarding has been completed a Student Adviser will make contact to introduce themselves as your main point of contact and assistance with your ongoing study.

    You will continue to receive regular phone calls, emails and SMS to check your progress and offer help. If we see you getting behind we will increase our efforts to contact you to ensure you are getting the help you need.

    Study online - not alone, and be supported every step of the way!

  • Start and Study Anytime - Enjoy the Flexibility

    ACCM does not have strict semester dates, giving you the ability to decide when you want to start your study program.

    Once your enrolment is approved your personal login details will give you access to your course materials 24/7 and allowing you the flexibility to choose when and where you study.

    You can also see your personal Study Timetable and have clear goals of when your subjects are to be completed.

Business Administration Careers Are Broad

Business administration covers pretty much any type of industry you can think of. 

Whether it’s a law firm, health practice, bank, high end retail store or college, every company needs to undertake an array of administration duties.

Business administration can be a stepping stone to working your way up in the company by proving your value once you’re in.

It can also be the safety net career that allows you some meaningful job opportunities and flexibility while you decide on your particular interest.

10 Careers You Can Have in Administration

  • Legal Secretary

    If you’re looking for a prestigious role that deals with new cases every day, then learning the skills to become a legal secretary and administrator could be the career path for you. 

    Your day will range from scheduling appointments to helping lawyers to prepare court forms for filing. You will be in a position of trust and responsibility in legal administration roles. 

    While ever there are disputes and crime, there will be the need for key administrative roles in the legal sector, making this a great long term career choice.

    Find out more about the Certificate III in Business Administration (Legal)

  • Medical Receptionist

    Medical receptionists work in a fast paced environment and often have to respond to emergencies. So if you care for people and have the ability to step up in times of need, medical administration could be for you. 

    Medical receptionists don't just work in doctors surgeries. The strong growth in health and wellness based businesses makes this a strong career option, as well as opening up a huge range of job opportunities. 

    Find out more about the Certificate III in Business Administration (Medical)

  • Office Receptionist

    Responsible for dealing with incoming calls, welcoming and interacting with guests and customers, a reception role offers a varied working day. You will be the face of the company and love sharing your bright personality.  

    Your role may also mean dealing with payments and enquiries, and preparing workplace documents. 

    Find out more about the Certificate III in Business Administration 

  • Records or Archive officer

    Working in a specialist records department is a distinctive profession. 

    This type of role is mainly only available in large corporations, with specialist records management companies or in the government sector.

    Find out more about the Certificate III in Recordkeeping

  • College or School Administrator

    Apply your administration skills to the growing education sector. Potential roles include being an RTO (Registered Training Organisation) Administration Assistant, as well as roles in the public education sector. 

    A key skill set for these roles is to organize meetings with stakeholders and to undertake internet searches. In these roles you must balance the needs of the education provider and its students to ensure a smooth administration process.

    Learn more about the Certificate III in Business Administration (Education)

  • Personal Assistant (PA)

    Focus your administration experience to the role of a personal assistant and step into entirely new career opportunities. 

    Personal assistants use the skills acquired through administration courses, to help key company employees fulfill their important roles.  

    Personal assisting is perfect for those who are good at organising. You also must enjoy the responsibility of allocated personal tasks, as opposed to managing a team. You also need to develop strong interpersonal skills and build trust with your manager.

    Find out more about the Certificate IV in Business Administration

  • Events Assistant

    For those who desire a more creative environment, events assistants are the go-to when it comes to hands on duties in event management.  

    With a wide variety of responsibilities that range from market research and proposal developments through to co-ordinating event facilities, Events Assistants are assured a diverse working day. 

    Sharpening your communications skills, event assisting means you will be in constant discussion with PR firms, agencies, caterers, customers, VIPs and other event stakeholders.  

    This is an excellent starting position for people to hone in on their event administration skills and climb the event management ladder.

    Find out more about the Certificate III in Events

  • Office Supervisor

    If you would like a role that shows off your advanced application skills and allows scope for you to run key functions in the office, then being the Office Supervisor is your ideal job. 

    This role combines advanced administration tasks with working with others in the office. Many small businesses will have an Office Supervisor. 

    Find out more about the Certificate IV in Business Administration

  • Accounts Clerk

    Every business, no matter what size, has bills to be paid, and payments to be processed. An Accounts Administration or Accounts Clerk role is therefore a key position with wide ranging opportunities in almost every business and manufacturing sector. 

    Your daily role would involve issuing invoices and receipts and processing payments to the correct accounts. You may also do the banking and follow up overdue customer accounts.

    Find out more about the Certificate III in Accounts Administration or select accounts electives as part of the Certificate III in Business Administration

  • Office Manager

    Even if you don't have the experience now, maybe you aspire to be the manager in your office. 

    This may mean that you lead a team of other administration staff, or you are responsible for coordinating the administration tasks of others in the office - like your sales reps.

    Make your transition easier to such a responsible administrative role by having the skills needed. Key skills include reviewing administration systems for efficiency, managing effective meetings, document design and people management.

    Find out more about the Diploma of Business Administration