RTO Registration - Scoring the Max! Continuing our 25 Years of Success

Our College

The Australian College of Commerce and Management has passed its RTO registration renewal and has been granted the maximum registration period possible (7 years!) with our next renewal 17 January 2030.

You may not know this, but ACCM College was one of the first private RTOs to be registered, so this renewal period will take us well past 30 years delivering quality vocational training nationally.

What is RTO Registration?

ACCM College is regulated by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) and must demonstrate compliance with the 2015 National Standards for RTOs to achieve renewal.

The RTO Standards are in the process of being updated at the national level and as they evolve we’ll make sure we are fully aligned with future compliance and quality requirements. 

ACCM's focus on Quality and the Student Journey

Nearly three years of COVID challenges, dramatic changes to the VET sector and the ever-evolving needs of our students and clients forced ACCM to really look hard at our existing processes and find ways to do things smarter.

Our CEO, Chris Czarnosz, ensured transparency and compliance are a major part of daily life here at ACCM College.

“We have worked hard to ensure students know exactly what to expect from ACCM.  The wealth of information on our website and our proven onboarding system with the Service One team ensures our learners are set up for success. 

Our industry experienced Student Advisers then guide, mentor and support each learner on their journey.

And in the background, our VET compliance professionals ensure we meet and exceed our obligations”

ACCM’s Director of Client Relationships, Tania Holmes loves talking to clients and prospective students about what ACCM College can offer.

“We talk to industry all the time and we know what clients and students need for a successful distance learning program.  We’ve built our processes around that need while delivering high quality learning and assessment and maintaining a level of compliance that ensures we stay on target.”

"The most significant result of the maximum renewal period granted" says Managing Director Lisa Jones "is the ability to demonstrate to potential clients the high regard in which the Australian College of Commerce and Management is held within the industry. 

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We're not going anywhere!

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