Service One - Welcome Aboard!


It’s hard to believe that our Service One team has only been in action since April.

Their daily efforts have already had a major impact on our students and clients (and our Training Staff).

For those of you who are new to the ACCM Blog (Welcome!), Service One began as an idea to ensure our new students were set up for success from Day 1.

You can read more about the initial journey here:  

So how have things gone since April?  …drum roll please!!!!


Since April, our Service One team have personally and professionally welcomed more than 1500 students to ACCM College.

Making students feel welcome is only part of what they deliver. 

Service One has been directly responsible for:

  • Scheduling and completing a thorough induction with each learner; giving them all the tools they‘ll need
  • Completing the Initial Skills Assessment to ensure each learner is suited for the qualification and online learning
  • Working with the student and employer to explore elective options (if applicable)
  • Helping Supervisors understand our program and their responsibility (Traineeship programs only)
  • Ensuring every opportunity for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is considered
  • Contacting each learner weekly to make sure they are progressing
  • Arranging additional coaching to make sure students keep moving towards their goal
  • Finalising all government or traineeship administration requirements

A big thank you to all the students and employers who have expressed their appreciation for the Service One team.This focus has done great things for everyone here at ACCM.

Not only are our learners set up for success, our teams of Student Training Advisers can now focus exclusively on helping them reach their goals.

Proving that strong outcomes start with strong beginnings!