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The Service One Team has arrived!


ACCM welcomes the Service One Team

ACCM College has always known the key to achieving the highest learning outcomes for our students is starting with a solid foundation. 

For more than 20 years, we’ve been building those foundations by reaching out to our new students weekly for their first six weeks.

This ensures our learner have always understood:

  • Distance/online learning and how it works
  • The requirements of their qualification/program
  • How our learning programs work
  • What they need to do to be successful
  • How ACCM will help them achieve
  • How to keep moving towards their goals

We are always listening!

However, based on recent feedback from our students and employers, they’ve let us know that initial support is more important than ever before.

Businesses (and learners!) are moving forward again; faster, busier, stronger and with increased focus on results.

Which means every moment dedicated to professional development has to count.  Those first six weeks need to count even more.

So we’re raising our service levels to meet the higher needs of a new world.

ACCM’s Service One Team

Our teams of Student Training Advisers have always done a great job looking after our new learners and getting them started in our programs.

But how much better would our learners thrive if ACCM had an entire team solely dedicated to those critical first six weeks?

Our new Service One team has been trained with this singular focus; ensuring each and every student is set up for success on their learning journey.

ACCM’s Service One will now take over responsibility for: 

  • Welcoming each new student to ACCM via a personal phone call when they enrol
  • Scheduling and completing a thorough induction with each learner; giving them all the tools they‘ll need
  • Completing the Initial Skills Assessment to ensure each learner is suited for the qualification and online learning
  • Working with the student and employer to explore elective options (if applicable)
  • Helping Supervisors understand our program and their responsibility (Traineeship programs only)
  • Ensuring every opportunity for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is considered
  • Contacting each learner weekly over the first six weeks to make sure they are progressing
  • Providing or arranging additional coaching to make sure students keep moving towards their goal
  • Finalising all government or traineeship administration requirements

At the end of those first six weeks, each student will be introduced to their own Student Training Adviser and their team. 

These dedicated professionals will then provide each student the ongoing support, expertise and motivation they require to reach their learning goals and their qualification.

The benefits keep coming!

We know this focused support is going pay off for our learners.

When you have a specialised team of professionals with a narrow focus, you can count on strong outcomes.

However, an added benefit of Service One is that our teams of Student Advisers will now have even more time to help our students.

Now learners will have access to more contact, coaching and support opportunities at every stage of their learning program.

Your feedback makes a difference

We’d like to thank all of our students, employers and clients for letting us know how much our initial support matters. 

Your feedback has helped ensure we keep meeting your learning needs and high expectations!

We can’t wait to see what comes next!

Chris Czarnosz