Working From Home - ACCM Style

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There are many benefits of using technology to run your training company. 

With COVID - we found another one....

We were (and are) able to "bug out" at the drop of a hat (or an inappropriate sneeze).

This means our Student Advisers could work from home and remained in full contact with students during the whole COVID period.

So for our students - the impact of COVID on our ability to support them was seamless.

This was achieved by having equipment that is portable, and systems that allow computing and phone services in the cloud and an amazing IT team who were on hand to troubleshoot when something did go wrong.

Admin also were able to keep on keeping on - and successfully kept up with their work while working from home. This meant ID docs, commitment IDs and training plan proposals (TPPs) were processed as quickly as normal and we also were able to successfully start a new admin team member - working from home!

We also set up some chat rooms so staff could stay in touch and be able to get help from one another.

COVID has impacted many in a wide range f ways, but we are proud of how we were able to respond so quickly and ensure that those who wanted to use the time to study - could.

Lisa Jones

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