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With ACCM, Anything is Possible

At ACCM College we're proud of each and every one of our students. One of our greatest achievements is when our students return to complete additional qualifications. It shows us that we're on the right track and that we are giving our students the knowledge and support that they need to succeed.

ACCM student, Harnah Polak, is one of these students. Harnah recently completed another qualification with ACCM. Harnah was given great advice by College staff on what subjects would meet her career objectives; and what subjects would allow her exemptions if she progressed to another qualification.

This reduced her study time and the cost AND maximised the qualifications she can now proudly list on her CV.

Harnah's Student Adviser, Julia, was impressed with Harnah's dedication to her studies. "Throughout her studies, Harnah showed real dedication and an eagerness to learn. With Harnah, it wasn't just about gaining a qualification, it was about gaining a true understanding of what she was learning. By sticking to her plan, Harnah was able to complete her Diploma of Accounting in under 12 months".

We caught up with Harnah to ask her about her time with ACCM.


Harnah Polak

 Why did you originally choose to study with ACCM?

I originally chose to study with ACCM because of the flexibility and that I could start my studies immediately .


How were you supported throughout your qualifications? 

In every certificate and diploma I have completed through ACCM my Student Advisers would ring once a week to find out how I was going.

I could ring them any day and ask questions and someone could always guide me through.

With the Diploma of accounting I became overwhelmed and my lecturer helped me with extensions and a plan of attack. They supported me every step of the way.

I cannot thank them enough for that support. I can now say I successfully completed my diploma with confidence.


After completing your initial qualification, what inspired you to continue studying with ACCM? 

The support that the Student Advisers offer is so much more than what other colleges offer. The flexibility, immediate starts and interest free payment plans you can afford, make it easier to continue with further studies.


What was your favourite part about studying with ACCM?

Getting to know all the Student Advisers at a personal level would have to be the most favourite part of studying with ACCM, and learning all different qualifications in the one place, plus the easy to use Webclass.


Where do you feel your qualifications will take you?

I feel my qualifications can take me anywhere I want to go in the company I am working for, from Manager to HR Officer or maybe even company accountant one day.


What advice would you give to other people that want to complete a qualification?

You can do anything you put your mind to. I have completing over 7 certificates and diplomas. Use the Students Advisers support to your advantage as they are always happy help.

If you’re sitting on the fence to whether you do a course through ACCM, honestly just do it, it you won't be disappointed.


Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your experience? 

I absolutely enjoyed my experience with ACCM and hope to further my knowledge with this college in the future.  I cannot thank everyone enough for all their support. I couldn't have done it without them.

ACCM has given me the confidence I didn't think I had in me. From being overwhelmed and feeling like I had no knowledge, to in under a year completing a diploma of accounting and gaining all the knowledge I needed.  ACCM has taught me anything is possible.


Harnah's qualifications include: Certificate III in Accounts AdministrationCertificate IV in BookkeepingDiploma of AccountingDiploma of Human Resource Management and the Diploma of Business.

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