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Will a Recent Qualification Really Help You Find a Job?


As part of my training and management role at the Australian College, I am always asked – “Will a recent industry qualification really help me find a better job?”

The answer is a resounding yes! A recent and relevant qualification is a huge factor in finding the job you want.

Why?  Vocational Education provides the most accessible pathway to career growth for Australia’s workforce.  Attending Uni is not always affordable or practical and industry workshops or seminars offer little in the way of formal recognition.

To show you are ready for new challenges and responsibilities in their business, you need something that sets you apart that employers actually understand, value and appreciate.

A formal qualification fills this need perfectly and does three important things for you:  


ONE - A qualification proves you are current in the industry skills, employers care about!

Because the skill requirements of  nationally recognised qualification are controlled by the Australian government, employers know what to expect from you.  Just make sure your qualification relates to the career you want to work in!  While you may have enjoyed taking that Certificate IV in Human Resources, it won’t be as useful when applying for a Project Manager role.  


TWO - A completed qualification shows you can finish what you started.

It also shows that you have both the initiative and dedication to reach your career goals.

Many people talk about going back to study, upskilling themselves or finding a new career.  Actions always speak louder than words in professional development.  You have shown that remaining current, competitive and capable is important enough to your career that you have committed the time, effort and resources to reaching your goal.  


THREE - A formal qualification will help get you noticed by potential employers and set you apart from the competition.

Australia’s job market can be fiercely competitive and everyone has something to offer future employers and you need something to stay ahead of the pack (or at least stay even).   Securing a nationally recognised qualification can make the difference by formalising your experience and education in a format, employers value and understand.

So the real question is – “Can you afford to NOT have a recent qualification on your resume?”  

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Chris Czarnosz is the Director of Training Services here at The Australian College of Commerce and Management.  

Chris brings over 23 years of front line leadership, senior management and business experience to his College position. Chris has enjoyed a diverse and rewarding career leading multiple organisations across a wide variety of defence force missions. Throughout his career, Chris has made face to face training and managing professional development an integral part of his leadership responsibilities. Chris holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Occupational Education (with Honours), Diplomas in both Management and Training, and several Certificate IV qualifications, including Training and Assessment.

Chris Czarnosz

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