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Why Distance Learning is Right For You


Several years ago I was asked that exact question by a potential student I was working with, to make sure our distance program was a good fit for his needs and goals.  It’s a very good question, and fortunately for both of us, we had the right answer for him.

It might be the right answer for you too...

If you are even considering professional development and career growth, you're also guaranteed to be thinking about your lack of free time, ready access to learning facilities, how much it will cost (and likely all three!).

So how can Distance Learning help you with those three very realistic problems?  


First, your time is precious!

Very few people have the luxury of being able to commit to a specific time or day for study.  Real life just doesn’t work that way once you have other responsibilities.  A Distance Learning course allows you to wedge your professional development into those precious cracks in time your life offers up.  Maybe it’s 20 minutes in the morning before your kids wake up where you can read a workbook.  It might be answering three questions every day on your lunch break or just sitting on your lounge at the end of the day when you actually have a moment to yourself.  A distance course is always ready when you are and will accept as much (or as little) time as you have to offer.  


Second, you can study anywhere!

With distance learning you can make course progress almost anywhere!  Distance Learning allows you to work wherever you are at the time.  Perhaps you want to make use of a long train ride to read your course material or maybe you have to travel for work and want to use the time wisely?  Maybe you want to take your course work to your family’s beach house and knock out some work over the holidays.  Imagine how many opportunities you can find to dedicate to YOU, if you aren’t tied to just one place that you can do your course work?  Flexibility means progress towards your goals!  


Third, cost is always a factor!

The very nature of Distance Learning means the overhead and training costs to deliver a quality product to students is reduced.  This allows a Distance Course to offer cost savings to our students that can make the difference in someone’s financial ability to follow their dreams.  

Did the student sign up in the end?  Yes he did and made amazing progress in his course, finishing in near record time.

When he finished I made sure to congratulate him on the quality of his course work and the depth of his newfound knowledge and abilities.

In closing, I asked him what made the difference for him after waiting so long to get started.

He replied, that once I had taken away the excuses he had used for years to sabotage his own career growth, the only thing left standing in his way was him.  And he didn’t want to be the reason he didn’t reach his goals.

True story.  


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Chris Czarnosz is the Director of Training Services here at The Australian College of Commerce and Management.  

Chris brings over 23 years of front line leadership, senior management and business experience to his College position. Chris has enjoyed a diverse and rewarding career leading multiple organisations across a wide variety of defence force missions. Throughout his career, Chris has made face to face training and managing professional development an integral part of his leadership responsibilities.

Chris holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Occupational Education (with Honours), Diplomas in both Management and Training, and several Certificate IV qualifications, including Training and Assessment. 

Chris Czarnosz

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