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The Australian College of Commerce and Management has been delivering vocational education and training for 20 years. That’s a very long time and over those years we have developed our training methods and materials to ensure that our students get the best possible training and great results. But don’t just take our word for it…    


Adrienne - CIII in Financial Services and CIV in Financial Services

My first experience with the college was essential for my role as a collection officer with Baycorp, I needed to do my certificate 3 in financial services it was pretty interesting once I finished I then I got the opportunity to do my certificate 4 in financial service I wanted to further my knowledge so I completed that one which helped me get more of an understanding.

After that I was very excited again to get the opportunity to do my Certificate IV in Frontline Management I am still completing that one at the moment but I know this qualification is really going to help me move up in my career.

I have enjoyed my studies with the college (something I never thought I would say really) I am currently thinking about pursuing more studies through the college once I have finished my Frontline Management.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff at the college who have been very helpful every time I have had question or needed clarification.      


Bala - CIII in Financial Services and CIV in Financial Services

As a student of AUSTRALIAN COLLEGE OF COMMERCE AND MANAGEMENT, I could count on the unflinching support of lecturers and staff all the time.

It was indeed a rewarding and enriching experience. The topics were relevant and the lecturers were ever willing to lend their support.

I am one of the star performers thanks to my tertiary qualification with the college. 

  Bala-SomaskandanCourtney - CIII in Financial Services

When I studied at The Australian College it was the best place to complete a qualification. The staff were also so helpful and always willing to go out of their way to find the solution for you. Larraine who was my student Adviser was such a big help.

I am still working in finance and considering completing my next certificate next year and we will be going through The Australian College for sure.

I cannot recommend or speaking highly enough of The Australian College. Such a great team who are so lovely and helpful.

   Courtney-Lomas  DanielleCIII in Financial Services

I have recently made a move to the financial industry, having had no formal qualifications in the banking sector. I had not studied since my HSC completion in 1990. So as you can imagine as a mature aged student, I found this experience extremely daunting.

My allocated student advisor was helpful and empathetic and has guided me to completion of my first certificate qualification at the age of 42. Now I have one qualification, it has given me the confidence and knowledge to not only perform my work to the best of my ability but also to attempt a more complex certificate in the future.

I am very grateful for this platform and look forward to future study with the Australian College of Commerce and Management      


EdenCIII in Financial Services and CIV in Financial Services

I began my traineeship in Financial Services via ANZ and the Australian College in December 2008. By June 2010, with the support of the college, I had completed my Cert III and IV in Financial Services, and been granted early completion of my traineeship, and successfully gained permanent employment with ANZ.

With the skills and knowledge I gained during my studies, I was able to further my career at an accelerated pace, successfully gaining a Branch Manager position with ANZ in 2012, and more recently being headhunted for a Commercial Banking role.

People still cannot believe how far I have taken my career in a relatively short time – from being a teenager without any qualifications to being a Relationship Manager with a respected financial institution, and I firmly believe it is because I was provided with the right foundation to my career through my studies at the Australian College.    


MaryCIII in Financial Services and Diploma of Financial Services

My experience with the Australian Colleague was delightful i completed certificate 3 and a Diploma in Financial Services.

I was pleased to have chosen them to undertake my courses, I’m pleased to say I passed and wouldn’t have been able to without the ongoing help and support the trainers offered me. I would gladly choose them in the future and have referred my friends and family who wish to undertake a course.      


MohamadieCIII in Financial Services and CIV in Financial Services

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your support and assistance with the qualification of front Line management Financial Services.

The qualification helped me with my day to day contribution at my current job that I have been in since undertaking qualification with the Australian college.

The experience is always a challenge that brings out commitment and hard work.      


MonaCIII in Financial Services

I can honestly say without conviction that it was good to be in the classroom again – just different atmosphere. I have never worked so hard in all the years that I was in intermediate, college, and tertiary institutions in NZ than I have here in Sydney Australia at The Australian College.

First time for everything they say and I am extremely proud of myself for completing my Certificate III in Financial Services it’s been a long road for me as I left in the middle of my course due to family obligations back home. After a long 10 months back home I returned to Sydney and work which also meant finishing off what I had started.

Had it not been for the incredible and dedicated staff at the College I promise you I would not have put that extra effort into push myself to finally complete the assignments. Joanne Hinge was a force to be reckoned with. She was like a ninja – sharp and relentless. You never know when she is in the office until it’s too late (lol – oops can I put LOL?!) especially when you know you’re guilty as charged with assignments BEING way overdue.

I would like to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to Jo and her team for never giving up on me and for helping me achieve the impossible. And also to the college for this golden opportunity of gaining more knowledge and wisdom(I hope) on Financial Services which I am now benefiting from in my current job.





SaskiaCIII in Financial Services

I loved every single aspect of studying with the Australian college! I started at the Orange Credit Union on the 2nd of February last year, about two months after I had started our Human Resources manager asked me if I would like to undertake a Certificate III in financial services. I was so stoked when she asked me and I was so happy to begin the course straight away!

As I was only new to the Credit Union and the financial side of things, I found the course so helpful in my everyday working life at the credit union. Each module gave me more of an insight into my job and helped me learn along the way.

The contact I received from the college was wonderful and they were always responding to my questions timely and efficiently. Completing the course was a huge confident booster for me as I felt like I could talk about our products to customers a lot more and I now understand the banking system with ease.

I really did extend my knowledge above and beyond my expectations with the course and I cannot wait to start the Certificate IV to further my knowledge even more.

I have realised how much I love working in the financial industry by completing this course and getting the amazing opportunity to work at the Orange credit union.

I feel very privileged to wake up and come to a job in which I love. Hopefully one day I can further my career options and move up in the ever changing finance world! Thankyou to the Australian College for helping me with my career.   Saskia-Kropp-Jones-C3-Financial-Services

KateCIII in Financial Services

I started a Cert III in Financial Services as an on-the-job training program when I started as a customer service officer in 2011.

The learning was set out well in terms of learning content, questions on understanding and assessment, and largely self-paced so I was able to finish my certificate in around 7 months instead of a year and earn a student of the month award.

Since then, I’ve progressed through the institution to different work areas, and am continuing my education by starting University this year to complete a Bachelor in Business (Finance)      


JoCIII in Financial Services

I have recently completed my Certificate III in Financial  Services.

I decided it was time for me to give my brain a bit of a shake up after dedicating the last 16 years of my life to helping my children get through school and by giving them my total support.

I found the Australian College a very painless way to get my brain back into study mode. The staff were always super freindly. From my weekly/fortnightly 'check-in' phone calls to the little pep talks before my roles plays I found the staff to be both supportive and reassuring.

The feeback I received on all of submitted work was greatly appreciated. Comments were very constructive and gave me further insight into the set task.

I would recomend The Austalian College to anyone that was looking for a pleasant and supportive means to better themeselves and their education. I am looking forward to further studies myself with the Australia College.      


ClaudiaCIII in Financial Services and CIV in Financial Services

My experience with The Australian College of Commerce and Management was exceptional.

From day one I received all the support I needed and had the wonderful College staff available at any time to answer my questions and to keep me on track.

I enjoyed my studies so much , that I completed my Certificate III and IV in Financial Services in just over 12 months, and would definitely jump at the opportunity to undertake further courses with the College. Highly recommend this quality organisation!!      


SadhanaCIII in Financial Services

I have Cert 3 in financial services and pursuing cert4 and believe that it will help me go ahead with my career in right path and helps to gain knowledge of areas I work in.      


Marea - CIII in Financial Services (Mercantile Agents)

Through Australian College I was able to completely have a change of career, to one I thoroughly enjoy.

At my age, I was unemployable, no-one wants to employ some-one in their late fifties, even though they have a wealth of knowledge. I have a mortgage, so am not about to go on maternity leave,swap from job to job or go traipsing around the world. Stability is what older persons offer as well as heaps of experience.

I have my own Company and thanks to the certification attained in Commercial Agency, was able to qualify for a Master Licence, and am now a fully accredited Private Inquiry and Commercial Agent. Thank you   Marea-SmithJennifer - CIII in Financial Services (Mercantile Agents)

My first experience with the Australian College was in 2007 when my employer made it compulsory to complete your Certificate III in Mercantile Agents.

From the very beginning the trainers were knowledgeable and willing to assist and I was keen for this opportunity!

I had never worked in this industry before and what I found was as I worked through my College modules it was giving me even more insight to the industry I had just joined. It gave me practical assignments and exposure that I haven’t even experienced at my job and later was able to call on.

I am currently still at the same employer today and have moved around the business and finally have found a home in the HR Learning and Development Team as the facilitator for our Australian office and our Auckland office. When moving to the HR team I had the chance to pick up another course with the Australian College to complete my Certificate IV in Human Resources which again gave me a better understanding of the HR framework.

During this module I was given a great deal of assistance from the College, they were always there to answer even the silliest questions I had, they made me feel comfortable.

In my inductions of new starters to the business I had the opportunity to assist the College in implementing the completion of 3 of the college modules for their Certificate III in Mercantile Agents; before they were even out of training. This works great and is aligned real well with our already existing training curriculum. This has been part of my training program for over 2 years.

I can honestly say if it wasn’t for my employer working with the Australian College to provide these opportunities to staff members I don’t think I would still be in the industry I am in. The College has assisted in my confidence and most definitely has assisted in all my successes throughout my career.      


Macarthur - CIII in General Insurance

I completed a Certificate III and IV in Financial Services – General Insurance through the College by correspondence.

At first, I thought the entire process would be a little daunting forgoing any face to face contact with a teacher.. However, after the first week it was clear to me that there would be an incredible amount of support and advice given where it was needed.

I could never have completed the courses if it weren’t for your staff. I found them to be professional, courteous and incredibly knowledgeable.

I’d like to extend a huge thankyou to all the staff who assisted me throughout the process, as you made the experience an easy one.      


Renae - CIV in Accounting

I have completed two courses with the Australian College over the past few years. The first course I undertook was Certificate IV in Accounting which I completed in 2012. Then the second one was my Certificate IV in Administration which I completed in 2013. Both these courses have really helped me in the current position I hold at SOTO Group Pty Limited.

I would personally highly recommend the Australian College. The course material was appropriate for the courses that I participated in and I learnt a great deal. I really enjoyed that you received the marked material back within a week after each module was complete and you were send the next module within that day so you could start working on the next section. The course material was also set out in the manner that you could really understand it.

When I struggled in any areas of the course, the college was only a phone call away, and the trainers were so very helpful and friendly. The feedback you received from the markings, really helped encourage me to continue my study and boosted my confidence in the knowledge I had on the course. It REALLY felt good that I had done such great work. Thank you for this. Being out of school for quite some time now (!!!) it makes you doubt yourself and wonder if you have the knowledge to start studying again, so this encouragement was really greatly received.

When I partake in a course I get very involved and really enjoy learning new things, so I found the college and the course really helped with this. And hence why (even though I was doing correspondence) I knocked out the Business Administration course in a short period of time. I enjoyed it so much every night was spent on the modules, and even my half hour lunch breaks (Yes totally dedicated). ALONG with my Friday nights (whilst my friends were out partying) I had a pen in my hand and was working on the course.

Now that is dedication I reckon and also shows that the training is interesting and exciting.      


Harnah Jane - CIV in Bookkeeping

Hi all I would like to tell people about my experience with the Australian college.

I have/am studying diploma in business, certificate IV bookkeeping and diploma of business administration. I have had the most exceptional support from all trainers guiding me through these courses and meeting some lovely people along the way.

I personally wouldn't study with any other college again experiencing what this college has to offer and what lengths the trainers go to, to guide students through the courses.

I never completed year 11 or 12 and never thought I could achieve such high level of education but I did and it thanks to this college who gave me the opportunity and on going support I received, easy online materials, fantastic easy to follow webclass and not to mention the lowest competitive cost they offer.

I hope your experience with the college is as great as mine and good luck with your studies. "You can do anything you put your mind to" a trainer once said to me and it's true.


Janene - CIV in Bookkeeping

I was stuck in a job that I wasn't happy with with no opportunity to progress. I worked hard & successfully finished a certificate IV in Bookkeeping.

The staff were so helpful when i got stuck & encouraged me the whole way.

It was this qualification that got me in the door of the largest accounting firm in the northern rivers of NSW.

I have been with them for 6 months & recently finished my probation and have gained permanency.

This amazing career challenge would not have happened if it were not for my qualification. I look forward to the future and carrying out more training through the college.    


Kelly - CIV in Credit Management

My experience with the Australian College of Commerce and Management has been nothing but wonderful. I commenced study with them in 2012 studying the Certificate IV in Credit Management after gaining a position as a Credit Control Officer in the Community Mutual Group.

This was something different to what I was doing with the organisation after being a Member Relationship Officer for 7 years. I was also nominated for the North West Regional Training awards where I was recognised for Achievement in Financial Services.

In 2014 I decided that I wanted to expand my knowledge and decided to complete the course I have just finished, a Diploma in Credit Management. During this time, last year, I had some health issues and was diagnosed with Epilepsy which took my concentration away a fair amount.

I cannot express how grateful I was to Jo, Nicole and Karen for their support at this time. They did not push me to finish, but gave me the time that I needed and were always free with any questions I had. This was helpful as my memory has not been fantastic after 3 seizures. I was finally able to get my head around things and complete it this last week.

Currently I am in the same role, but my courses have given me the confidence to make decisions for myself and be able to back them up with strong cases. Being back in study after a long time out of the field, these courses have also inspired me to continue with my study.

I recently enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Business course through the University of New England. I may be crazy with working full-time and studying part time but now I’ve started I feel I want to continue! Thank you again to the wonderful staff who supported me on my journey with the Australian College, if I am ever looking to complete another financial services course, you will be the ones who I come to.  


Kate - CIV in Finance and Mortgage Broking

I have recently completed my Cert 4 Financial Services and will be looking to re-enrol to continue my studies with the Diploma in the coming months.

It took a little longer than expected but I got there in the end [a total of 15 months]! I haven’t studied in 10 years so to take up a course via correspondence was a whole new experience for me. I found that due to my work commitments, running a house hold and general social life that I am very time poor. There were times when I was completely frustrated with some of the modules and assessments, I had put my studying on the back burner for a few months [I am quite a stubborn person when I want to be].

However I am grateful for my trainer, Sharon Rich, who persevered with me and understood my position. She didn’t harass me or give me a hard time, quite contrary actually. Sharon’s kind nature, soft approach and gentle push encouraged me to complete my assessments.

I am currently employed by a mortgage broker in the same position and endeavour to become a mortgage broker in the near future. To complete this course is something that I have been wanting to do for a while. Now that I have started the process, my dream career is not far away and I’m more excited than ever. My dreams are becoming a reality!

I love what I do and even more so because I help people achieve their goals and dreams through purchasing property.

I had an overall good experience with the college and staff and look forward to continuing my studies in the near future.      


Chrystal - CIV in Financial Services

I think this college is great! It was my first experience with a traineeship, it was just all so easy. The reason I initially chose aust college (among a select other 5) were because they responded quickly from a message I had left, and they directed me to where I needed to go straight away they told me who to contact. When I spoke with the contact who I think I recall was Stephanie, she was clearly knowledgeable in her position and made my sign up process a breeze. The man came out to do the paperwork and I was on my way to completing my course within the following week or 2.

I was so happy with how it all came together so quickly because I was eager to start my training!

When I received this email from Australian college asking me to provide my experience, the first thing that sprung to mind was my training manager. The experience I had with the actual training managers was great, I had a dedicated lady who was always most helpful (Janelle Obrien).

If I ever came across a question within a module I would become a bit frazzled if I couldn’t answer it. I always picked up the phone on the occasions that this did happen and my manager just had a way of repeating the question to me and having it make so much more sense. I always came off the phone feeling a weight was off my shoulders and my mind much clearer.

Having her check in every now and then was also reassuring as she would provide me with motivation on how I was progressing in my course and this inspired me to push through further.. and with that I ended up completing my course 2 months earlier and received a gift voucher from my employer for doing so. It’s the little things like these that what’s make your college great. I am currently in search for my next study for this coming year.

Thank you again to all your staff for your knowledge, kindness and expertise ! 


Joanne - CIV in Financial Services My experience with the college as an external student was really great, nothing was any trouble for my tutor when I was required to contact her.

They took the time to speak to me over the phone and no conversation was ever rushed and I never felt like a nuisance.

I thank them for all their assistance and co-operation when I was doing my courses They’re a fantastic group of people.    


Kay - CIV in Financial Services

I first completed my certificate IV in Accounting through the college way back when, I had not studied for many years and must say a little nervous about it, the college staff were awesome with any questions I had and finished the course without any pain.

I then was lucky enough to win a diploma of management through the college back in 2014……love love loved it, although a was the office manager at the time this course gain me skills to run a much more efficient office with confidence.

This training has been invaluable when managing staff and now we are in three locations my training has also allowed me to assists our clients with the management of their business.

Happy birthday Australian College may you have many more!!!!!!        


Janelle - CIV in Financial Services and Diploma of Financial Services

I’ve been associated with the College for at least 15 years!!!

I was an average student at school – however I always bombed exams no matter how hard I studied. Needless to say I was apprehensive when I started with my studies in Certificate 4 in Financial Services. Jo Hinge, James Moran and Lisa Jones, provided support, encouragement and guidance. They enabled me to achieve my dreams of learning in a comfortable, online environment, that suited my needs.

I was so comfortable that I continued studying a Diploma in Financial Services and even an Advanced Diplomas in Management. All of this training enabled me to drive my career in the directions I chose. I didn’t wait for my manager to offer the course or even pay for the training – I was motivated to seek it out and happy to pay via the payment plan options. My career – my studies - my choice.

I was even honoured with by the College as their Vocational Student of the Year for the Illawarra Region at the NSW Training Awards. Whist I didn’t represent NSW– I was honoured that the College chose me, the girl who found it hard to get good grades at school!!

Throughout my career – I encouraged many other colleagues to study via the college, to increase their knowledge and skills. I went on the mentor many colleagues with the studies, guiding them on their journey in the Credit Union Industry. Well after 27 years in the Credit Union Industry, I felt the need for a career/industry change – unsure of what to do.

I’m pleased to say this year I was headhunted by a multi-national company, to be their HR & Training Manager!!

Needless to say – who was my first port of call – Karen Gillam from the College – enquiring about the Smart and Skilled Program so I could start my HR Diploma and formalise my knowledge. Karen is wonderful – it’s like talking with an old school friend. Karen provided great advice and encouragement. Needless to say I will continue to study and encourage all employees at my new workplace to study with the College.

Did I mention I’ve just finished my Cert 4 In Project Management through the College. Thanks Andy for your help.

Study – it’s worth it!!        


Brigadier - CIV in General Insurance, Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking, Diploma of Financial Services and Diploma of General insurance  

I have loved every moment of studying through the College, I have completed 4 courses through AustCollege and now in the process of completing my Diploma of Project Management.

I haven't found any college that offers the same level of support and assistance as the student advisors do, my experience through studying finance and insurance has been exceptional and made enjoyable and very educational by the high level of support, encouragement from my student advisors.

I have been able to progress in my field of work with my diploma of finance and mortgage broking and the lessons learned were priceless and have enabled me to put them into practice in my current job role, further through the study of my general insurance I now have the prospect of working in insurance and have an understand of the industry that I was taught by those that have years of experience in general insurance work.

Overall, the college offers what others don't offer, exceptional student help, quality courses for every career path you want to take and the whole process is made fun, enjoyable and educational.

I highly recommend AustCollege as the college to complete your next studies with.     



Please note - All testimonials are written by students of the Australian College of Commerce and Management. All of the students that provided testimonials have given the Australian College of Commerce and Management the approval to publish the testimonial.

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