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ACCM College is proud to be selected as a Finalist in the NSW Training Awards in the Large Training Provider category. This places us in the top 3 in the state.

We actually aren't "large" in the traditional sense - but we achieve "large" results. This past year has been our best yet in all business success measures, and has been capped off by being recognised in the top 3 training providers in NSW - a huge achievement when we consider the large RTOs and TAFEs in our category.

Our Humble Beginnings

Australian College of Commerce and Management (ACCM) started as a small operation in 1996 and has grown steadily to now provide vocational training to over 2,500 students a year; and has certified 27,000 students in its 21 years of operation.

ACCM College has always been based in Wollongong yet our ability to easily access Sydney City and Greater Sydney regions, as well as the airport for interstate travel and access to regional cities, has made this a prime factor in our nation-wide delivery strategy.

We now have 50 permanent staff, having started as just 3 passionate and committed people.

Over this time we "stuck to our knitting", with ACCM College now being renowned for its expertise in the business, financial services and information technology fields. While new courses are added, and programs regularly updated, we are committed to our core business streams and excel in them.

What is Involved in Selection as a Finalist

The criteria for the award are: 

  1. Leading practice in vocational education and training
  2. Strategic Planning that communicates core values and addresses future changes to vocational education and training 
  3. Being student, client and market focussed
  4. Building human resource capability to ensure quality staff
  5. Establishing genuine partnerships that support vocational education and training

ACCM College has been recognised because we just continue to get better and better at what we do. Courses are regularly updated; customer friendly technology is introduced; and staff are passionate about what they do.

The Awards selection process focused on how we actively interact with clients and students to understand their needs.  They then get the best possible service from their initial enquiry to the completion of the training and beyond.

The ACCM story over these past 21 years is a flagship of success in the vocational education and training sector and for regional businesses. 

A Course Delivery Model that Achieves Results

Students of the 21st century need the tools of the 21st century. ACCM College is proud of its training and course delivery platform that is modern, flexible and customer centric.

The ACCM College course delivery model showcases to employers and students that training doesn’t have to be old fashioned and out of step with the modern world.

Students enrol online in a quick 7 minute process. They are then immediately issued log on details. No waiting ! 

Course materials are available to students 24/7.  

Each student is allocated their personal Student Adviser to coach and mentor them through their course. Our success is largely due to the personal and caring nature of our staff and how they are pro-active in contacting and helping students.

The best measure of any course delivery system is if the students complete their course. As we are the training provider with the highest completion rates in our field - this is proof of a great delivery system.

Of equal importance to us is how students find the system and the support. Even the most reluctant online user is quick to appreciate how simple and easy it is to use our system. They quickly turn to fans! And just read the testimonials to see the glowing reviews from students about the support they get from our staff...

For employers the benefit they most like about our delivery system is that their staff are given so much flexibility and immediate access to their course materials. Its a big win for employers because it eliminates the need to roster staff to attend classes.

Staff That Believe in What They Do

But ACCM College is the success that it is, because of the compassionate, caring and skilled staff, who have the best interests of each and every student as their focus. 

Our staff all have extensive backgrounds in the fields in which they train. This means they are teaching the latest industry specific content and they also understand the demands of the workplace that students are under.

This is a key feature of why we have been successful in the Training Awards - with 2 staff members representing us in the award interview process. Their commitment, honesty and skills and knowledge showed through; and helped the Award interview panel see the genuine passion of the whole ACCM College team.

As we say here at ACCM College:  If you want to study, we want to help.

Lisa Jones

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