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Today is R U OK Day across Australia



 Such a simple question, that can change someone’s life.  And one we don’t use enough.

 ACCM College has a made a commitment to the well-being of our students and staff a cornerstone of our world.

 As we find ourselves in the thick of COVID once again, ACCM proudly supports the R U OK Day campaign with both our financial support and helping increase public awareness.

 For more information about the questions you can ask (and how you can ask them) that could literally save someone’s life, visit their site at:

 Everyone here at ACCM will take some time tomorrow to check in on each other, and we hope you will too.

 Because someone’s life may depend on it.

 And if you are that someone who needs help, please reach out to someone you can trust; they will want you to come to them.

 From everyone here at ACCM, we want all of you to B OK.