Tier 2 Training the Flexible ACCM Way

The ACCM Tier 2 program offers a flexible solution for the delivery of Tier 2 across the country.

Whether the need is for online delivery, immediate course start for new staff; or to combine Tier 2 with a funded qualification program, the ACCM Tier 2 program meets the needs of AFS Licencees across the nation:  

Meet your RG206 obligations with ACCM’s tried and tested programs • Our CPD program offers a value-add 20 hour program written by industry experts • Key ASIC requirements are met with specific subjects on the NCCPA, Resp

Meet your RG206 obligations with ACCM’s tried and tested programs

• Holiday Coast Credit Union Hit the Hundred!

Holiday Coast Credit Union are regular users of the ACCM Tier 2 program. Since they started their relationship with ACCM 86 staff have undertaken Tier 2 as a standalone course.  Another 21 have undertaken Tier 2 as an elective subject within a qualification. That makes over 100 Tier 2 recipients at Holiday Coast Credit Union.

• Summerland Credit Union Using All Tier 2 Accreditation Streams

Summerland Credit Union have expanded their qualification relationship with ACCM to now have specific standalone Tier 2 enrolments for new staff. Summerland CU select to have their staff complete all 3 streams in Tier 2: Basic Deposit Products; Non-cash Payment Facilities; and General Insurance. 

More recently Summerland CU have also enrolled existing staff to update and refresh their Tier 2 accreditation.

• MMPCU - Classroom Tier 2 To Build the Team

Maritime Mining and Power Credit Union have branches across the country. They have been a long term client of ACCM that values a face to face course delivery option. When XX merged with MMPCU - a classroom Tier 2 program was chosen to ensure that all staff have the benefit of the same training. This also helped develop the team spirit so essential for an operation that transcend the continent.

• The Mutual - Tier 2 Standalone and in Qualifications

The Mutual began its relationship with ACCM after a long and positive experience with IFS, meaning that they had the same service expectations of ACCM. We are happy to say that we have delivered. Since trialling the College in 2014, The Mutual continue to train their staff with us and use Tier 2 as both an elective option in the qualification programs they support, as well as as a stand-alone program.

• MECU - New Staff do Tier 2 as Traineeship Elective

MECU enrol new staff as trainees in Certificate III in Financial Services. The first subject their staff complete with ACCM is Tier 2. This quickly enables new staff to have the skills, knowledge and independent accreditation to provide product advice to members.

• P&N Bank - Tier 2 Add-on General Insurance Option

Over in WA, P&N utilise the ACCM online system to enable staff to achieve Tier 2 accreditation. P & N have their staff start with Basic Deposit Products and Non-cash Payment Facilities, and then as job roles develop, they add on the General Insurance accreditation component.

No matter where staff are - the ACCM online Webclass student system offers a easy to use effective way to deliver a quality Tier 2 program.

• Community First Credit Union Onboarding Program

Community First Credit Union have been using the College Tier 2 program for over 12 years. Tier 2 is a key component of the Community First staff onboarding program, and ensures that new staff are skilled and confident when interacting with members and recommending products and services.. 

• Teachers Mutual Bank

Teachers Mutual Bank have been using the College Tier 2 online program since the beginning of 2015 for all new staff to their organisation, along with Tier 2 being an upfront elective in traineeship enrolments. This ensures staff have the skills and knowledge when dealing with their members. 

About ACCM and Tier 2

ACCM have delivered Tier 2 since 2002 when the FSRA legislation first applied. 

We offer the flexibility of classroom and online - so the best of both worlds.

Your new staff can start immediately with the online option and achieve Tier 2 Adviser accreditation quickly. They are given the support of a College Student Adviser with real life experience in a customer service role in retail banking.

Select accreditation in Basic Deposit Products, Non-cash Payment Products or General Insurance or all three!


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