The Future of Learning is HERE!

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ACCM has one of the highest student completion rates in NSW, so it’s important for us as a College to make sure that we not only keep up to date with the latest learning trends, but to be the innovators of new learning technology.

So, how do we make sure we’re always one step ahead of our competitors? It’s simple. We constantly ask ourselves the big question “What’s next?” The answer? “The Future. That’s what!”

But you can’t stay ahead of the crowd with words. That’s why, we present to you… HeadClass 9.0

HeadClass 9.0 allows the learner to completely immerse themselves in the learning experience. The user simply places the HeadClass 9.0 virtual head set onto their head and BOOM!
The brain does the rest.  


HeadClass 9.0 uses a sophisticated algorithm to interpret the interaction between the billions of active neurons in the user’s brain. It then takes that information and instantly uploads it to the users HeadClass profile. This means that the user can simply ‘think’ the answers to their tasks and HeadClass 9.0 does the rest.

But it doesn’t stop there. HeadClass 9.0 will also deliver information to the relevant part of the user’s brain where it will be temporarily stored. HeadClass 9.0 will then monitor how often the user is using the information and remove it, if necessary, to make space for more relevant information.

HeadClass 9.0 truly is the future of learning. No longer will people be using up brain space for unnecessary knowledge. They will be learning machines.

HeadClass 9.0 – Keeping ACCM a-HEAD of the learning game.

Welcome to the Future... And April 1st

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