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Newer Business (BSB), Finance (FNS) and Information Technology (ICT) Qualifications

All of the qualifications in Business, Finance and Information Technology were updated by the federal government at Training.gov.au in early April. The College has been monitoring the pending changes for a long time; and so have been ready to implement the new qualifications once they were approved.

All College students will be offered the upgrade to the newer qualifications. The timing on the offer to upgrade will be determined by when each state and territory government adopts the changes as part of its subsidised training programs. We will update our website as each state migrates to the new qualifications.

In the meantime here is a summary:


Business Qualification Changes - BSB Training Package 2015

The College was approved for the newest business qualifications on Monday 30 March.

Our website will display the old and new qualifications until each state and territory migrates the subsidised programs to the newer qualifications. For the most part, the minor changes in some units of competency have already been addressed. The more significant changes occurred in the following areas:

Call Centre Qualifications: The “old” Customer Contact qualifications are now called “Customer Engagement”. In effect the qualifications have remained equivalent; with some units having a code change and minor updates.

Frontline Management Qualifications: The “new” frontline management qualifications are now called “Leadership and Management”. There have been significant changes with new core unit requirements; and packaging rules. The College has however been prepared for the changes since first drafted, and so had its program immediately approved by ASQA.

Business Administration (Education) This qualification has had a change to the packaging rules – which will add greater flexibility to the qualification, while giving it a clearer vocational outcome.


Finance Qualification Changes - FNS Training Package 2015 The majority of financial services qualifications have only had minor change and are regarded as equivalent qualifications. The change over to the newer equivalent qualifications will however be done hand in hand with licencing obligations in mind.

Those that changed are:

Accounting: the Certificate IV and Diploma accounting qualifications have had significant changes which will add more focus and flexibility to the qualifications. The College was one of the first applicants approved to deliver the newly developed accounting program.

Banking Services: as this qualification was merged with mobile lending it has been treated as not equivalent; but in effect it offers the same sales and service focus. The College was the first approved to deliver the new qualification by ASQA.


Information Technology Changes - ICT Training Package 2015

No significant changes occurred to the IT qualifications that the College delivers. Our programs have been updated and we have been approved to deliver the newest qualifications.

Lisa Jones

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