Queensland Subsidised Courses for 2015


The Australian College of Commerce and Management continues its long history of delivery of training to Queensland businesses and residents.

The Queensland Government supports a range of subsidised training courses for eligible residents. Courses in Business, Administration, Legal Services, and IT are funded under the Certificate 3 Guarantee Program as well as offered as traineeships.

Qualifications in Finance and Call Centre operations are also funded under the Certificate 3 Guarantee program, while Certificate IV in Accounting is funded under the Higher Skills Program.

Certificate IV IT courses are also available as funded traineeships.

As you can see, the Queensland government supports a wide range of courses and creates opportunities for employers and residents of QLD to develop work place skills.

See the QLD VET Investment Program page on the College website or call 1 800 111 700 for details. This training is subsidised by the Queensland Government.

Lisa Jones