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How Do I Choose A Qualification That's Right For Me?

Recognising you are ready for professional development is a big step.

To make that step, chances are something has happened to make you realise you aren’t where you want, or need to be.

Maybe you were passed over for promotion, you paused for a long time over a job ad for something you always wanted to do, or you know your industry skills are becoming more and more behind the times.

So, the call to action has finally come! But now what?

Now you have to decide what qualification is right for you.

For some people it’s a no-brainer, as their career path is set and they love it!  For others it takes them straight back to childhood when their parents asked them what they want to be when they grow up.

Which means it’s all about goals!  Vocational Education is designed to be the pathway to your goals, but it’s like your car’s GPS; it can’t take you where you want to go, unless you know your destination.

The good news is there is a Vocational Education pathway for every destination you can think of.

So here are three questions to consider when choosing the qualification that is right for your career:  


1. Do I need a qualification that helps me become better in what I’m doing now?

Current skills and knowledge are the keys to success in the modern marketplace.  So choose a qualification stream that will refresh, strengthen and expand your skills sets.  Then, think carefully about what qualification level is right for you.  While your job may operate comfortably within the Certificate IV level, a Diploma qualification may give you the refresher you need, and also expose you to deeper or higher knowledge that gets you ahead of the curve.  


2. Do I need a qualification that will take me to the next level in my chosen career?

Ready for a new challenge or primed for advancement?  A Diploma or Advanced Diploma qualification in your industry or the Leadership and Management pathway shows you are ready for more!  Show your current or future employer you have the advanced training and front line experience to take on that big role and succeed.  The higher level qualification legitimises your potential and makes you an opportunity to invest in rather than a chance to be taken.  


3. Do I need a qualification that helps me break into my dream job?

If you aren’t living the life you want, a qualification can be the bridge that helps break you into a new career.  Training combined with commitment and passion can take you anywhere you want to go, just ask any entrepreneur who followed their dream.  Choose a qualification stream in the industry of your dreams and then choose a qualification level right for your experience level.  You may not be able to break into the top of the corporate ladder, but a Certificate III or IV course can get your foot in the door with an employer smart enough to see the fire in your eye.  It’s your life, live it!  

So choose wisely, plan carefully and think about what you want in the long term, because there is a qualification that will get you there.  

Are you ready to reach your goal?  

The Call to Action is now.  

Click here to find a course that's right for you.  


Chris Czarnosz is the Director of Training Services here at The Australian College of Commerce and Management.  

Chris brings over 23 years of front line leadership, senior management and business experience to his College position. Chris has enjoyed a diverse and rewarding career leading multiple organisations across a wide variety of defence force missions. Throughout his career, Chris has made face to face training and managing professional development an integral part of his leadership responsibilities.

Chris holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Occupational Education (with Honours), Diplomas in both Management and Training, and several Certificate IV qualifications, including Training and Assessment.

Chris Czarnosz

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