Newest Changes to Financial Services Package


It’s Hard to Keep Up!

But we are... Thanks to being actively involved in the revision of units and qualifications.


Release 6.0 reflects three major updates to the FNS Training Package in the last 12 months, with no significant change in the 2 years prior.

The changes, while keeping us on our toes are major improvements – bring many qualifications and units up to date and addressing previous issues.

Some new units will add real value, such as FNSMCA413 - Identify and manage individuals experiencing hardship

In the next month we will be finalising the draft updated 2020 versions of FNS qualifications included  in this latest release.

Having spent weeks of work reviewing and providing input to PWC Skills for Australia drafts, the dividends will now pay off with us having spent the past 4 months updating course content in preparation of the anticipated changes.

Now it’s the home straight – checking the final versions to identify any changes since the last drafts we saw and resubmitting any reword in learner content and assessments for industry input and final mapping.

A few months from now we should be in a position to validate / moderate the first versions and identify any adjustments.

The ACCM team are busy, busy, busy, but who would want it any other way?

This process can only operate smoothly thanks to the open process used by PWC Skills Australia to revise units and qualifications. So as much as I agree it’s hard when there are constant updates – it’s a far better situation than having to deliver outdated units and qualifications to students.

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