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Difficult Decision About School-based Traineeships

Like many employers, ACCM is facing a challenge to source high quality staff to meet our growth and accommodate normal staff turnover.

Following a recent strategic and operational planning session, ACCM has made some significant changes to our future direction to better manage this situation.

It is with regret that I advise that one of these decisions is that ACCM will no longer be taking School-Based Traineeship enrolments.

ACCM has always prided ourselves on providing whatever support is needed (no matter how much additional training, motivation and coaching that means) to help our Trainees succeed in their programs.

As we begin to move out of a COVID landscape, ACCM College has struggled to find new staff members who have the unique blend of personality and expertise to be successful with School Based Trainees.  While all of our Student Advisers are top-notch and industry experienced, we have always known that establishing a supportive relationship with school aged Trainees is a rare talent and also hard to find.

Please note this will not impact any current School Based Trainees already enrolled.  We will support all students currently enrolled with ACCM until they complete their studies/Traineeships unless you would prefer to move them to a new provider.

Also if you are unable to make immediate alternative arrangements for pending School-Based Traineeship enrolments – then please talk to us – as it is not our intention to cause difficulties.

We anticipate that this notice will allow you time to make proper arrangements for future intakes.

Chris Czarnosz

Lisa Jones