College approved for 2015 NSW Smart and Skilled Program

NSW Department of Education & Communities has introduced a new funding program for trainees for 2015 and beyond.

The Australian College has been issued with a contract at a time when many RTOs did not receive one. The contract brings with it an array of changes which include changes to fees and funding allocations.

One of the changes is the distinction of 15 separate regions within NSW; and training based on a regional allocation.

If you examine the "Smart & Skilled" website and find that for some reason The College is not noted as delivering a certain qualification in a certain region, please call us to discuss. In some instances funding changes will mean that some courses in some regions will be delivered on commercial terms.

From our perspective it is business as usual and we remain committed to delivering all of our courses in all regions.

Employers in NSW should rest assured that financial incentives for new entrant trainees, payroll tax rebates and travel concession cards are all still available for eligible trainees.

The College will continue to work with employers and their Australian Apprenticeships Centre to make the process as seamless as possible in NSW.

The College also has contracts across other states and territories to accommodate a national approach for national employers.

Smart and Skilled also allows the College to offer subsidised courses directly to private individuals living in NSW. We will list targeted programs on our website as they are approved.

This training is subsidised by the NSW Government.

Lisa Jones