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What's the best course for Mums who want to Study in 2017?

Top 9 courses for mums returning to work

Many mums take time out to care for their kids and find it daunting when it’s time to get back into the workforce as technology has changed even over a short time.

Some super mums (or the lucky ones with babies that settle easily and strong support networks) are even thinking about taking this time to plan ahead for a new career.

Advertisements and job search sites show you the skills needed. You might have these, and lots of other experience and skills on top of that. But the challenge is showing prospective employers that your skills are up to date.

And to be frank, the other challenge is breaking the “mums” stereotype and convincing employers that you are motivated and can be focussed on your job as well as your family!

That’s where a certificate qualification kicks in. If you can manage a household – you can achieve a certificate! And it will show employers that you are motivated and that your skills are up to date.

If you are motivated, with the support we can give you, there’s nothing to stop you. Here are some tips to get you on your way.


Identify the Skills You Need

You probably have a type of job in mind – so look at the latest job advertisements and see what they are asking for. If you are still in contact with past work colleagues – ask them what has changed in the workplace since you have left.

Create a list that can help you decide the subjects you need in your course.


Is it Time To Change Career Directions

There is no better time to consider a fresh start in a new career. Was there something you always wanted to do? Or have you browsed our course list and had some interest in a new career direction?

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Also, consider if the type of work you are after will suit the reality of your role in your family. Will you have the flexibility or hours you need?


 What Things Interest You

Let’s face it, as a mother you are walking evidence that you can and do many things you don’t necessarily enjoy (nappies, vomit….). But when choosing a career and suitable course aim for one that will interest you and stimulate your brain. It will help you get back into work mode.


Similar Interests with a Friend

You may find that someone else at mother's group has the same interest. Although you will meet and make many new contacts when you start your course, having a friend who is also interested can only be a bonus.

But don’t let this hold you up and don’t be coerced into a course that’s not your first choice simply to help a friend.

It’s time for you to do what’s best for you. Ultimately this will then be what’s best for your family.


Look for the Support Options and Flexibility

Online courses offer great flexibility and are often the best choice if you can’t get child minding for classroom attendance. Or if you can manage a classroom option, ensure that full attendance isn’t compulsory and there is a way to catch up!

But make sure you see real evidence of the college you choose initiating and giving student support. Look for student comments and reviews. Do they talk about the support given?

Avoid selecting an online option that relies upon you being internet connected the whole time. Look for an option to download learning content and assignments – giving you maximum flexibility.


Don’t Pay Too Much

Don’t be fooled by the promotion of student loans. At some stage you will have to pay them back. And in the meantime they show on your credit report as a debt, affecting your families borrowing power. Many providers that offer access to student loans at the same time increased their prices by 200% and created this false sense of what the course price is.

Shop around. If you can’t find the price clearly displayed (or have to jump through hoops and get the hard sell to find it – what does that tell you….

Look for a payment plan option that doesn’t charge interest and lets you set the payment due dates.

In NSW there is a government subsidised course program called Smart and Skilled that is open to ALL residents and means most courses are available at half the commercial price! Your only obligation is to make steady progress in the program so the government can see its money being properly used.


Okay So What Courses are Best for You ….

Well the best course is all about your personal career and life goals.

These are the popular ones:

Or maybe you want to develop skills in these areas:

We have course advisers who can discuss course options with you and they aren’t on a sales incentive – so the only interest they have is keeping you informed and helping you make the right decision for you.


The Biggest Obstacle

Procrastination … you will probably look at this article a few times; check out a few courses … plan to come back and look again next week …

Yes – we know that … Many of us have been in your shoes too.

The key is to work out what is holding you back, and focus on what information you need to know to help you decide. Then give us a call and let us point you in the right direction. Ultimately it is your decision – but with the information you need, the procrastination ends, and you are able to decide what’s right for you.


About ACCM – Australian College of Commerce and Management

ACCM is a fully Australian run and owned company that has been helping people follow their career dreams for the last 20 years.

We are based in Wollongong and employ over 50 local staff.

You are allocated a Student Adviser who is personally responsible for keeping in touch and supporting you along the way. Many are mums themselves who know what it’s like to juggle family and study but also know the career rewards are worth it!

ACCM is also government approved to offer subsidised Smart and Skilled courses and is also recognised for its best practices and industry leading student success and completion rates (link to premiers department)


So basically you have:

  • Certificate courses to bring your skills up to date
  • Access to subsidised fees and payment plans
  • A reputable college focussed on supporting you and understanding the issues mums face
  • Online flexibility that lets you download and we sometimes offer classroom options
  • A team dedicated to helping you pick the right course
  • Student Advisers who are mature adults with real life and industry experience and who are focussed on your success!