ACCM is ready for the new Business Services (BSB) Qualifications!

Business quals Ready

We’ve been telling you for more than a year that the new BSB qualifications were coming…and they were finally approved at the National level last month!

As we saw in the preliminary drafts our friends at PWC Skills for Australia sent out throughout the process, this Training Package release contains one of the most extensive updates we’ve seen in years. 

The final product contains new qualifications, consolidated qualifications and a host of new or updated Units of Competency to provide a new focus for the future.


And you helped make this happen!

Many of our clients will recall working with ACCM since 2019 to gather industry feedback about the appropriateness of the draft qualifications and units, that we funneled back to PWC Skills for Australia

This feedback proved invaluable, as we saw many of the suggestions we provided come through in the final products.  Proof that your timely feedback made a profound difference in the future of the Industry.

On our end, we used these drafts and the time leading up to approval to ensure we were ready to add these new qualifications to our Scope.   

Over the last year, we’ve:

  • Engaged with and sought feedback from our valued Clients to capture the latest trends and changes in the technology, legislation, best practices and influences on their industry
  • Partnered with our Clients to ensure our delivery methods and new Digital Learning System will more than meet the development needs of their staff
  • Updated our Training and Assessment Strategies to reflect the specific needs of our clients, their staff and the new requirements of these updated Qualifications
  • Written, revised and updated our extensive catalogue of course materials to ensure they reflect the feedback from our clients and remain relevant, current and meaningful to all of our learners

We’re proud of our new programs and ensuring they reflect the real world our clients and students face each day is worth every bit of the time, resources and effort we’ve dedicated to this year-long effort.


A big Thank You to all of our clients who supported this project and we can’t wait to show you what’s coming your way.

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