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A Pathway to Employment

ORS and Workways

ACCM has being working with Workways and The ORS Group to deliver a program that offers job seekers in the Illawarra the opportunity to complete a Certificate II in Customer Engagement, so that they can acquire essential skills to help them re-join the workforce.

The program has shown amazing results and this workshop resulted in 18 students gaining a nationally recognised qualification. To celebrate, Workways and The ORS Group held a graduation at the Workways offices in Corrimal. The graduation was the perfect way to recognise the student’s hard work, and to also celebrate individual successes.


Success Stories

Due to his recent qualification, Benjamin is now working in Aged Care industry. The Customer Engagement course was the catalyst that motivated him to move in to employment and he is currently in paid employment employed at a local Aged Care facility.

Larissa and Holly are currently employed at Stellar. Holly gained her role just 2 weeks after completing her course!

Sarah has found work as a receptionist and is meeting her benchmark requirements

Before starting the program, Kerry lacked confidence in herself. After completing the course, Kerry had gained the confidence to apply and successfully obtain a volunteer position at Lifeline. Kerry is still with Lifeline and thoroughly enjoying it..

Alan has managed to obtain casual employment and is currently working on increasing these hours.


Friendships Made

These workshop programs are about more than just finding employment. Over the duration of the workshop, friendships were made. One friendship that occurred was that of Paul and Alan. Throughout the course, Paul gained confidence through learning and interaction with his fellow workshop attendees. Although this was a big step for Paul, his lack of a driving licence restricted his job opportunities due to him only being able to apply for positions that were in close proximity to public transport. Alan volunteered his time to give Paul the driving lessons he needed to acquire a much needed driving licence. Through this act of generosity, Alan has helped Paul gain his driving licence, resulting in an increase on employability and opening up Paul’s job opportunities.


Smart and Skilled

Smart and Skilled is a NSW Government program that subsidises the cost of Vocational education and training, so that NSW residents can gain the skills they need to find a job and advance their career. ACCM immediately recognised this program as the perfect avenue for The ORS Group and Workways to work together to offer their clients another path way to increase their employment opportunities and skill sets.

For more information on Smart and Skilled, and how it can help reduce your qualification costs, visit our website


ACCM looks forward to celebrating future successes in 2018, and we thank Workways and The ORS Group for helping provide a much needed program that is evidently helping reduce the unemployment rate in the Illawarra region.