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One sure way to find out how we can improve is to ask!
At ACCM we encourage our students to give us feedback about all aspects of their experience – from how they found the course materials to how supported they felt by their student adviser.
One way we collect this invaluable information is through our “50 Feedback” competition. Each month, we give our newly qualified students a chance to pick up a $50 voucher in exchange for their thoughts:  


“My experience with ACCM was they are very very helpful and take all the right steps to  make sure you get the best out of my course.” 

Sophie – Certificate IV in Business Administration 


“ACCM has been the ideal platform for studying and obtaining qualifications in a variety of areas and courses.

I had the privilege of finishing a Certificate III in Business, and there was always someone there to help me along the road whenever I got stuck. I had the privilege of speaking with the majority of ACCM employees, and they were all wonderful, professional, and helpful.

My certificate's assigned supervisor (Kathryn) was the greatest and most helpful individual I have ever worked with. Her kindness and knowledge never failed to inspire me to push myself further. She had a good sense of humour and could see where I was coming from, from my point of view.

ACCM College is highly recommended by me. I will also enthusiastically suggest them for any future courses or courses that others may choose to take."

Joanna - Certificate III in Business 


"I did want to take the time to show my appreciation for all the support I received during the course. I was so grateful to have such quick communication and responses when needed, and assistance throughout her entire process. It means a lot as previous courses I have done, I’ve never had that overwhelming support I had here and I’m very appreciative of that because it helped me immensely, and helped me achieve the certificate. Wanted to thank you for all of your time and support. Keep doing what you're doing because it’s amazing, and if I ever get the chance to work with ACCM again, I’d be over the moon."

Skylah - Certificate III in Business 


“I have recently completed the Cert IV in Business Administration.

The most challenging part of undertaking this course was working full time, family commitments, the Principal passing away suddenly and a very close friend passing away.  This meant that most weekends I spent studying.  I now have my weekends back!

I felt that my 25+ years of experience working in administration and my previous qualifications were not taken into account when doing this course. 

I did appreciate the support of my student advisor Kelly Lee who assisted me on my journey.” 

Eileen - Certificate IV Business Administration


“I would like to thank the Australian College especially Debra Wieland my student advisor who was unbelievable in the support I received and her wealth of knowledge.

Deb assisted in working through the assignments with the Diploma of Human Resource Management.

Rating for Deb would be a 10 out of 10, as without her support I would not have been able to get through it.

The course in itself was relevant to my current career path and assisted in what I am currently doing in the workplace.

As the diploma assignments were huge, I don’t believe I could have completed them without the resources supplied by the college along with the Support of Deb and Megan."

Samantha - Diploma of Human Resources Management 


“ACCM exceeded my expectations, they were always happy to help with any queries I had, the course content was easy to understand whilst still challenging in some areas and there was a wide variety of learning and question styles incorporated into the course work. Special Thank you to Samantha and Lynette for assisting me throughout my studies, it was a bumpy ride on my end filled with many obstacles but we got there in the end and way ahead than originally planned?"

Ellie - Certificate IV in Legal Services     


“I was very surprised at how amazing the training was. My advisor Karolyn was so supportive, and I learnt so much from her, also whenever I interacted with another advisor, they were so friendly. It was great to have support still during lockdown and I would like to thank everyone at ACCM for making it a less stressful situation for my training."

Jenaya - Certificate III in Business    


“I found the experience very rewarding. The subjects were informative and made me think about the way I was doing things and ways I could improve on how I was doing things. The support I received from the college was appreciated and I will be sure to investigate further courses to study through ACCM.”

Trish - Certificate IV in Leadership and Management        

Rachel Flannery

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