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The Early Results for 2022 are in! ACCM College is Killing It!


We know feedback is a present from our learners. 

Timely and quality feedback helps ACCM ensure our students have a great learning experience and reach the outcomes they want.

So we collect feedback from our students year round about their experiences with ACCM.

And we take it seriously!  We review all feedback as soon as it comes in and take action straight away.

But we have to wait patiently (or not so patiently this year) until January for the really big present...our 2022 year end results.

This year, with all the updates we’ve made to our student support, learning materials and delivery platform (WebClassM)…the suspense was killing us!

So…like many people eagerly waiting for December 25th to arrive, we took a little sneak peek at our final present!

And we are so glad we did!

ACCM has always maintained high-levels of learner satisfaction, but this year we reached our highest levels ever!

Have a look!

  • Trainer Quality                                86.2
  • Effective Assessment                     86.4
  • Clear Expectations                         88.6
  • Learning Stimulation                       84.2
  • Training Relevance                         85.6
  • Competency Development             85.7
  • Training Resources                         85.3
  • Effective Support                             86.0
  • Active Learning                               87.3
  • Overall Satisfaction                         84.9

These results aren’t just used within ACCM. 

After we formally review and analyse the outcomes we send them on to ASQA (our national regulator) as part of our reporting and compliance obligations.

So what’s next?

Far from sitting back on our achievements, ACCM will use these results to drive new and better improvements in 2023.

And the 12-15% where we can be even better….we agree! 

And we’re already hard at work to prove that.

Looking forward to even better results in 2023!

Stay safe and Happy Holidays