Centrelink Approved Courses

The College Centrelink Institution Code is:  2p274


College courses are part-time so this may not be suited to students requiring full-time enrolment under Austudy and Youth Allowance, but may meet Pensioner Education Supplement requirements.

You can confirm course approval details with Centrelink by asking them about the course you are after for the College Institution ID:  2p274  

Ongoing enrolment will be subject to satisfactory progression. 

Please note that the College is required to advise Centrelink where a student fails to submit assessments on time and actively participate in training.

About Centrelink Approved ACCM Courses

  • What Courses are Centrelink Approved?

    ALL College courses meet the requirements of an approved course of education and study for the purpose of qualifying for a student payment, when undertaken on a full-time basis.

    Unless specifically approved, you will be enrolled part-time and so may not meet Centrelink rules if full time study is required.

    The Department of Human Services writes to the College annually and gets information about what is a full-time study period for each course. The Department then approves the qualifications for eligibility (based on full-time study) and then advises its staff.

    You can confirm course approval details with Centrelink by asking them about the course you are after for the College Institution ID:  2p274.

    Occasionally, if their lists don't have the most up to date qualifications, this will trigger them to ask us for updated details.

  • Part-Time Durations for College Qualifications

    The following are the standard part-time duration advised to Centrelink:

    • Certificate II: 6 months
    • Certificate III: 8 months
    • Certificate IV: 12 months
    • Diploma: 15 months
    • Advanced Diploma: 18 months

    (Where a month = 4.33 weeks to include holiday periods)

    The part-time hours for each specific course are determined by the national "nominal hours" divided by the course length in weeks.

    The course length is the duration in months x 4 weeks as it excludes holidays.

    The full-time equivalent period is the nominal hours divided by 20 hrs per week.

    Where electives are allowed in courses the nominal hours for the course are determined by the total nominal hours for the units of competency chosen by the College as the "default" subject elective options.

  • Obtaining Approval for Full-Time Study

    College courses are designed to be completed on a part-time basis. They can be offered on a full-time basis BUT are subject to College approval prior to enrolment.

    You must call us and advise us that you wish to apply to enrol full-time. The College will require evidence that supports your ability to dedicate the required time to achieve full-time studies. The full-time Enrolment Request Form to be completed will be made available to you after we first discuss your request.

    The College is not obligated to approve full-time studies. 

    Where approved to enrol full-time you will be issued a confirmation that you are enrolled full-time. This document expires on a monthly basis and must be renewed (based on evidence of satisfactory participation).

    Provide this updated document to Centrelink.

  • The College Centrelink Institution Code

    The College Centrelink Institution Code is:  2p274

Payment Plans

Payment Plans are offered for all enrolments. If you select a direct debit payment plan it must have full payment being made over the same duration of your course. This ensures that you don't have an ongoing debt well after you have finished your course.