Add your Qualification to your Linkedin Profile

Updating your Linkedin Profile is Easy

    1. Click the button to get started
      LinkedIn Add to Profile button
    2. In “School” begin entering “Australian College of Commerce & Management (note the “&”) until the drop down bar shows our page (see below image) then click to select.
    3. In “Degree” insert the title of your qualification e.g. BSB40215 Certificate IV in Business.
    4. Leave “Grade” blank as this does not apply.
    5. “Activities and societies” is optional. You can insert your completed units if you wish.
    6. In “from year” enter the year you started your qualification.
    7. In “to year” enter the year you completed your qualification. This may be the same year as above.
    8. “Description” is optional. You can insert a description of your course if you wish. Descriptions of courses can be found on our website.
    9. Once you’re happy, click “Save”


Remember, once you click "save" you can still edit your qualifications. So if you are unsure of any fields, don’t worry, you can always add or edit them later.


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