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  • Traineeship Employer Incentives

    Quick Summary: $4 000 per FT new entrant trainee; $1 500 per PT new entrant trainee

    For new Full time trainees of $1 500 is claimable at the six month mark of their traineeship, and $ 2 500 at completion.

    For new Part time trainees the $1 500 is claimable at completion of the traineeship.

    Incentives are subject to traineeship eligibility criteria, waiting periods and time limits being met. Your Apprenticeship Support Network provider will assess your trainees eligibility for incentives.

    The information provided on this page is for general information only and should not be relied upon because it is subject to change and may not reflect your exact circumstances. Refer to  http://www.australianapprenticeships.gov.au/ for current information.

  • Payroll Tax Rebate Benefits

    NSW, QLD, ACT and WA offer an exemption and/or rebate on the wages of New Entrant trainees.

    If you are paying or liable to pay Payroll Tax – this can be a significant saving amounting to thousands of dollars.

    Current details on Payroll Tax Rebates and downloadable brochures are available in the Payroll Tax section below.

  • Upskill Staff Through Traineeships

    Traineeships offer the opportunity to enrol your employee in a structured training program that will achieve a nationally recognised qualification.

    Most traineeships offer elective subject choices to allow you to tailor the program to your business needs.

  • Extra Benefits - NSW Small Business Grants for New Employees

    There are also many other extra benefits - like the NSW Small Business Grant.

    For NSW businesses who are under the Payroll Tax threshold (typically less than 20 employees) a grant applies for every extra new position created and filled. This includes if the position is for a trainee that is directly employed by your business.

    Register and claim the $2 000 grant (per extra FT employee) at OSR online.

    For more information see the OSR website.