Subsidised Training Opportunities

ACCM has government contracts in many states to offer subsidised training opportunities.

Here at ACCM we recognise that a successful training course needs to be relevant, nationally recognised and also affordable.

As a reputable and long term training provider, ACCM has contracts to deliver subsidised training in states offering those opportunities.

Different state and territory governments offer different funded training programs. You will find all the funding information relevant to your state below; or we would also welcome the opportunity to talk you through the various options.

Available Training Subsidies in Your State
(In addition to the employer incentives of up to $4000 for New Worker Traineeships)

State Funding for New Staff Funding for Existing Staff Training Other Benefits and Programs
NSW Smart and Skilled Traineeships Smart and Skilled Targeted Priorities Payroll Tax Rebates
ACT Traineeships New Worker Traineeships Existing Worker Payroll Tax Exemption
QLD Traineeships New Worker *  Traineeships Existing Worker* and Certificate 3 Guarantee * Payroll Tax Exemption and Rebate 
WA Traineeships New Worker  Existing Worker Traineeships* and Priority Training Program *  Payroll Tax Exemption
SA  -  - -
VIC  - - -
TAS  Traineeships New Worker *  Traineeships Existing Worker *  -
NT  -  -


If you would like any more information on the subsidies available to you, please get in touch.

* Limited to some courses as determined by that state