Warehousing and Logistics Qualifications Offered in 2020

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You asked - and we have delivered (or rather are ready to deliver).

2020 enrolments are now being taken in:

Certificate III in Warehousing Operations TLI31616

Certificate III in Logistics TLI32416

Certificate II in Warehousing Operations TLI21616

Certificate II in Logistics TLI21815


Course Delivery

The launch of these qualifications will coincide with the launch of the latest developments in our bigger and better student learning system.

When I say bigger - I mean bigger in functionality, because it's actually smaller in use.

Students in these courses will now have access to all of their learning resources and assessments on their phones (as well as on computers). Yes we don't know how they do everything on phones - but they do... So starting with the 4 new Warehousing qualifications we will be offering them on our new platform that, if they really wanted to, can be done on a small screen.

This helps a significant student demographic who struggle to commit to study time. Now they are fully mobile with their studies.

Students already LOVE our student platform "Webclass" and its features:

  • 24/7 access to course content
  • access to key documents like Training Plans and Notification of Enrolments
  • access to marked assessments and instant notification of results
  • easy and intuitive to use
  • online quizzes to address knowledge areas

and now ... everything will work seamlessly on a small mobile device and the content will display as webpages vs downloadable PDFs. 

Internally the new system also gives the College much more visibility of student online activity so we can see exact progress at any time; plus we are better able to manage scheduling and recording of role plays and workplace activities.

Workplace activities are a key component of these 4 new qualifications. As such we need the active involvement of workplace supervisors.

Across 2020 we to plan for more features and improvements and to move our other courses across to this platform.

Course Support

One of the standouts in the student feedback we receive is the high level of support they get from our College Student Advisers. This support is in place for these new qualifications with dedicated Student Advisers ready to support our warehouse and logistics students. 

Students will be contacted regularly to give them support and schedule one on one tutorials. 

Assessment Marking

At the beginning of 2019 we committed to moving assessment marking from an average of 5 working days to 2 days.

We did it !

And now we are committed to ensuring that our warehousing and logistics students benefit from this "new norm" and with the new platform they may even have faster turn around times.

(As an aside our external market research still shows the norm for RTOs to be closer to a month ...)

Supervisor and Workplace Involvement

The 4 new qualifications are practical in nature.

As such they can only be offered to people in relevant warehouse and logistics workplaces. 

This particularly suits Traineeship and existing worker programs.

Our delivery model requires active supervisor involvement to ensure the safety of trainees and that specific workplace procedures are addressed.

Employer Reporting 

The new courses will be fully integrated with the Employer Reporting System - and will have the benefit as we release more updates of additional information like the exact assessment activity/question a student is up to in any particular assessment.

Our Warehouse and Logistics Employers will have the same 24/7 access to students progress as existing clients and be able to export files as needed. 

Course Content

Up front - we have identified the implications of the planned merger of the Certificate III warehouse and logistics qualifications into one; and the merged units. These issues have been factored into the initial units offered in our current qualifications and how they are clustered into up to 8 subjects. This means students can seamlessly transition into the newer qualifications once they are endorsed.

Where possible we have clustered units into coherent subjects that help new workers focus on specific skills.

In addition key Workplace Safety and Chain of Responsibility obligations are addressed in the first subjects - ensuring employer obligations are met.

We have chosen to not offer licensed units eg Forklift operation - as our research finds that not all employers want staff trained in that area as it creates unnecessary turnover. 

Our content has been critiqued by a range of industry experts and we are confident that it will be a valuable resource tool for new employees in a warehousing and logistics role. 


Getting Staff Enrolled

Contact us with the details of the staff you are interested in enrolling. Provide some details on their job role and we can help recommend the qualification and subject choices.

If you are not familiar with traineeship eligibility and funding let us answer your questions.



Lisa Jones

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