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Latest Leadership and Management Qualifications

Latest Leadership and Management Quals

Exciting news for leadership and management courses delivered by the Australian College!

After a lengthy delay, the old frontline management courses have finally been upgraded to the new “Leadership and Management” qualifications.

These updates go far beyond a simple name change, and result in significant course improvements, including new core unit requirements and more focused packaging rules.

And the Australian College was the first RTO approved by ASQA for delivery of the new BSB42015 - Certificate IV in Leadership and Management!

This greatly expanded foundation program has created a tailored leadership course that will enhance the personal leadership and management skills of your future leaders. The key changes to this qualification include brand new subjects that address the leadership communication, teambuilding skills and operational planning abilities required to meet your business goals.

We deliver these outcomes using relevant and real-world case studies such as resolving employee performance issues and motivating a team that is lacking some much-needed get up and go!

The delivery method the College has designed this course means that it is also ideal for those up and coming leaders destined to move into their first leadership role. The range of electives subjects remains large, enabling the program to be tailored to your specific business needs.

For your more experienced leaders and managers, the new BSB51915 Diploma of Leadership and Management is a perfect fit.

Our experience has shown that most team projects and goals falter due to personality issues that require strong leadership and tact to resolve. This program includes new core subjects designed to help leaders recognise and manage the emotional strengths and weaknesses of their team members in order to maximise their operational results.

The College only uses realistic case studies to show your leaders how to apply these techniques to engage the emotional intelligence in their team members. The course also teaches your managers proven methods for dealing with unpredictable problems, and for exercising initiative and judgement to organise, evaluate and coordinate their team’s effort.

This is the perfect qualification to take your developing manager’s leadership skills, knowledge and abilities to the next level. It also suits experienced managers who want to “brush up” their skills.

For advanced managers, the BSB61015 Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management has been specifically designed to take their skills and focus beyond the necessity of daily operations and into the realm of strategic thinking. Their enhanced ability to plan, shape and manage the future of your business’ long term strategic goals will have a huge payoff for your organisation.

Your leaders can expect to gain a practical and applicable understanding of strategic planning, business tactics, efficient resource management, organisational change, continuous improvement and environmental sustainability in your workplace.


Experienced College Team

All of the new Leadership and Management courses delivered by the College, and immediately approved by the national regulator, were crafted by our permanent staff of management trainers. Between them they hold over 80 years of first-hand experience at all levels of management, so they are able to support students with their own real life experience that go far beyond the classroom.

Remember, the strength of our programs lies in our ability to translate the conceptual knowledge of subjects like leadership, communication, team building, strategic planning, business operations, resource management and organisational change into a realistic and practical learning program that allows your leaders to apply their new management skills in a real-world and relevant setting.

Why is this key? Because we understand your business needs more than just knowledgeable leaders and managers, they must also have the ability to deliver operational results now and be constantly planning for success in the future.

Talk to us about how to help put together a program to support your leadership needs. Contact Chris for expert help on the new qualifications and leadership training programs.

Chris Czarnosz

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