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Updated Jan 2019; Reviewed Dec 2019, Reviewed Dec 2020, Updated Nov 2021; Reviewed Jan 2022; Updated July 2022

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Here you will find answers to most of your questions regarding enrolment of employees, trainees, fees, processes, invoicing and more. If you can't find an answer to your question, then please get in touch via phone - 1800 111 700 or click here to send us your questions.

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  • The Enrolment Process

    ACCM will send you an email that has within it a URL link.

    This link is to a webpage enrolment form that is associated with the chosen program. It may have the employer details pre-loaded.

    Just forward that URL link to the staff member you have approved to enrol.

    That URL link takes your staff to the specific course enrolment webpage.

    The student enters name and address details and the government compulsory “AVETMISS” statistics.

    They also are asked for their government issued USI (but they can enrol still if they don’t have this at the time).

    Once they have completed this – an enrolment confirmation email (including the enrolment terms and conditions (in an attached PDF) will be sent to:

    • the student and
    • the nominated employer person (see the Reports section).
  • Student Administrative Requirements

    Once they finish the enrolment process, the Student will receive an enrolment confirmation email with their Webclass username and password details; and a link to Webclass.

    Once they log in to Webclass they will be asked to provide or complete the following documents:

    • ID Documents
    • Initial Skills Assessment


  • Student Starting a Qualification Course

    In WebclassM, students will have access to their course/s.

    The subjects will be listed under their qualification.

    Once they speak to ACCM's Service One (as part of the onboarding Initial Skills Assessment phone call) they will agree on any electives.

    Once electives are chosen the course is broken into “semesters”. Each semester will have one subject.

    Once the subject in a semester has been completed*, the next semester of work will be made available (even ahead of the planned start date) for a maximum of two open Subjects.

    Students will review their learning materials and complete assessment activities within ACCM's WebclassM Learning System.

    Most subjects require a skills assessment. In the majority of subjects this is completed by a phone call role play with an ACCM Student Training Adviser.

    In summary, students require periods of internet access to complete course work and must have phone contact with their Student Adviser.

  • Choice of Electives

    A few courses offer elective choices.

    For traineeships and employer funded programs, at the start of the course, the workplace supervisor will be asked about any preference for electives as they relate to the student's role (or projected role).

    If they do not have any requests the student will be allowed to choose.

    If ACCM College is unable to contact the supervisor we will send the draft Training Plan that shows electives and they will then have the opportunity to request changes or approve those chosen by the employee.

    Electives can be changed at later stages of the course as possible.

  • Training Plans

    Trainees and their employers will be issued a State mandated Training Plan.  This shows the subjects / units agreed to and the order and timeframes for completion.

    Training Plans must be returned signed by all parties. The College will follow up outstanding Training Plans by email and phone call.

    Copies of signed Training Plans will be emailed to the employer (Training Plans person) and the student; and will also be available on Webclass for the student.

  • Subject Assessment and Feedback

    When an assessment is submitted, the assessor will normally provide a result and detailed feedback within 2 – 5 days. 

    Students will receive an email that tells them their result and prompts them to login to Webclass to review the feedback, and if applicable, to revise some answers.

    If the subject is graded as Competent, great, the student can move onto the next subject.  If the result is parts assessed or PA (meaning only some parts of the assessment were done or require revision), the student will be provided with lots of feedback on what they need to do for their resubmission.   

  • Subject Completion

    Each subject will require the student to provide examples of how they have used the skills and knowledge involved with that subject. This is called Part P – Practical Skills Demonstration.

    Students enrolled through an employment arrangement will require their workplace supervisor to verify that they have seen these competencies implemented in the workplace. This is included in Supervisor Competency Agreement, which also contains a checklist of skills to be demonstrated in the workplace (on the job).

    In addition, supervisors of Trainees indicate that they have signed off the relevant units of competency as completed on that trainee's Training Plan.

    The Supervisor must sign this part of the document and it gets uploaded to WebclassM by the student.

  • Course Completion

    Once the last subject has been approved as competent by the College and if applicable, the employer, the course can be completed.

    The employer is sent an email that includes a list of each of the subjects/units and completed dates. They are to sign this and return it to formally complete the course. This will also formally complete any traineeships if that course is a traineeship program.

    If the supervisor feels that the course should not be completed e.g. if a trainee needs more work based experience, this completion is delayed. It means a subject remains formally as incomplete.

    The course must be finalised by the contracted completion date with the applicable State Training.

  • Employer Notifications and Reports

    Employers advise the College of key personnel they want to get specific documents.

    The College reporting system is set up so these occur automatically.


    College Label Main Documents Sent Other Documents
    Invoices Invoices Payment Reminders
    Reports Access to Student Reports System Escalated emails from Student Advisers about Issues or Progress
    Training Plans
    • Enrolment Confirmation
    • Traineeship Training Plans
    • Completion Training Plans
    • Statement of Attainment / Qualification Issued by Email
    Employer Completion Survey
    Supervisor Initial contact about progress issues  
    Main Contact   Main program contact for issues about the agreed program terms
    Administration Contact   Contact for administrative issues not listed above

    We recommend that the nominated people set up an inbox rule if it would be helpful to keep these emails together. 

  • Websites and Emails to “White List”



    College Policies       

    Enrolment pages:  






    Student Advisers   

  • Issuing Statements of Attainment and Qualifications

    The student and employer will be sent an email PDF copy of the documents.

    The student will be posted a hard copy of the document once they confirm their current postal address.

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