Project Management Courses

The ability to effectively and efficiently manage projects is quickly becoming a core competency in organisations across Australia.  Our comprehensive Project Management courses focus on the tools, skills and techniques of sound Project Management methodology covering the basics of Scope, Scheduling, Budgeting, Communication, Team Management, Risk Management and Quality Control.

We help you succeed in your project management studies by giving you the support of a whole team of Student Advisers, all with real experience as specialist project managers. You will have one dedicated Student Adviser who will personally manage your program; and the benefit of a team around them to provide expert assistance in all subject areas.  

What Project Management Course is Right For You

  • Interested in a Project Officers role?

    Try Certificate IV in Project Management to give you a solid background in all key project management skills. While this is a challenging course, it does give you the practical skills necessary to co-ordinate a project.

  • Specialist seeking to branch out into Project Management

    The Certificate IV in Project Management qualification allows you to open up career opportunities by having subjects specific to project management (regardless of your technical background). This allows you to use your technical experience in a project role at work or to seek a specialist project officer role.

  • Aspiring Project Manager

    If you already have past experience in projects and are looking at the next step into a specialist Project Managers role, try the Diploma of Project management as it looks at the management of the project function. If you don’t have strong formal project management skills it is however recommended that you start with Certificate IV.

  • Team Leader Seeking Project Skills

    If you are a Team Leader seeking to improve your project management skills consider Certificate IV in Leadership and Management and select a project management subject as an elective.

  • Joining the Workforce and Seeking a Project Officer Role

    It's great to have a career goal, however it’s unlikely that you will secure a project management role without past work experience. Therefore a certificate 3 qualification with a project management subject as an elective will be the best option so that you get a broader job-ready qualification.

  • Hands On Project Management Courses Requiring Commitment

    Both the certificate 4 and Diploma Project Management courses are demanding qualifications. They cover a range of specialist fields in-depth, with a range of practical activities. So it's no picnic ... Enrol when you are able to dedicate time and focus to this highly regarded professional qualification.

Studying at ACCM College

  • Course Support that Students Rave About

    ACCM College helps you succeed in your studies by giving you the support of a dedicated team of Student Advisers with real life industry experience. You will have one dedicated Student Adviser who will personally manage your program; and the benefit of a team around them to provide expert assistance in all subject areas.

    Students actively comment about the supportiveness of their Student Advisers, in particular their skills at passing on their knowledge and making even the hardest subject easy to understand.

  • Quality Learning Materials that get Great Reviews

    Our step by step course materials have been written by our own industry experts to give learners the most relevant and useful information needed.

    The online resources provide industry insight and understanding by simplifying industry jargon and concepts, and focusing on current real world business practices.

    We pride ourselves on providing high quality learner resources that set our learners up for success.

    ACCM College students have the opportunity to give us immediate subject feedback and feedback to the assessor upon submission, so we always have the opportunity to get even better.

  • Access to Course Materials

    All of the course materials are accessed and completed online, allowing learners to complete subjects at a time and place that suits.

    WebclassM login details are provided via email within an hour of enrolling

    Using WebclassM learners can:

    • Access online learning and assessment materials 24/7
    • Submit assessments, view Assessment results and Assessor feedback
    • Update contact details



  • No Exams and Lots of Help

    There are no stressful exams.

    Our assessments are thorough, but are self-paced and help is only a phone call or email away.

    Activities that you are asked to do are practical and based on real life workplace experiences and needs.

    You will have a Study Timetable and we will help you keep to it so that you end up with the qualification that you deserve as quickly as is feasible.

  • Regular Contact from Us. Yes - We Call You!

    ACCM College is proactive about being in touch. When you apply to enrol our Service One team will call you immediately and guide you through to finish the enrolment process. They will also contact you weekly for the first 6 weeks to ensure you are on track and comfortable with online learning.

    After your onboarding has been completed a Student Adviser will make contact to introduce themselves as your main point of contact and assistance with your ongoing study.

    You will continue to receive regular phone calls, emails and SMS to check your progress and offer help. If we see you getting behind we will increase our efforts to contact you to ensure you are getting the help you need.

    Study online – not alone; and be supported every step of the way!

  • Start and Study Anytime - Enjoy the Flexibility

    ACCM does not have strict semester dates, giving you the ability to decide when you want to start your study program.

    Once your enrolment is approved your personal login details will give you access to your course materials 24/7 and allowing you the flexibility to choose when and where you study.

    You can also see your personal Study Timetable and have clear goals of when your subjects are to be completed.