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Meet your RG206 obligations with ACCM’s tried and tested CPD program. Our CPD short course program offers a value-add 20 hour program written by industry experts. Key ASIC requirements are met with specific subjects on the NCCPA, Responsible Lending, the Economy and Home Loan Trends. An easy to use and easy to manage program! [This course does not link to a Unit of Competence and so does not meet the definition of "Nationally Recognised Training".]

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offered under the RG206 CPD Training for Credit Representatives

Please note that subjects and specific units of competency on offer will vary and may change during your enrolment

Elective subjects may apply and will be determined during the induction process

  • Responsible Lending Practice

    This CPD subject delves deeper into the specific requirements and obligations in respect to responsible lending such as making reasonable inquiries, having adequate processes, and responding to requests for hardship variations.

    • Unit(s):
  • Economic Outlook 2017

    Stay up to date with how the Australian economy is performing with this CPD subject. It covers the business cycle, market factors, inflation and interest rates. The information is from late 2016 with summaries of industry forecasts for the likely economic trends for 2017.

    • Unit(s):
  • Credit Act and Home Loans

    The trends with Home Loans and the housing market in general are covered in this CPD subject. This subject also includes key knowledge requirements under ASIC RG 206 obligations for home lenders.

    • Unit(s):
  • Consumer Protection in Financial Services

    This CPD subject examines the consumer protection laws that specifically apply to financial products and services. Addressed is the ASIC Act protections that mirror the protections provided under Australian Consumer Law. Laws related to misleading and deceptive practice as well as unconscionable conduct are examined.

    • Unit(s):
  • Credit Card Contracts

    The Credit Act has specific requirements that lenders must meet. These obligations are investigated and looked at in depth with a specific focus on credit cards.

    • Unit(s):
  • Hardship Loan Variations

    This CPD subject delves deeper into the specific requirements and obligations in respect to responsible lending such as having adequate processes and ways to address and consider requests for hardship variations.

    • Unit(s):
  • The Role of Regulators

    Financial Services is a highly regulated sector. This CPD subject looks at the role of the various regulators and government agencies: APRA, ASIC, ACCC and the Reserve Bank of Australia.

    • Unit(s):
  • Finance Codes of Practice

    Staff in financial services are required to be aware of, and apply, the obligations under the relevant sector codes of practice. This subject looks at the various forms of "banking" codes of practice including the Mutual Banking Code of Practice.

    • Unit(s):
  • Business Entities and Trusts

    Businesses may operate under any number of types of legal entity including a company, trust, partnership or as a sole trader. The type of entity will affect lending and other banking requirements and authorisations. This CPD subjects summaries these groups.

    • Unit(s):
  • Time Management

    Professional development includes ensuring that your general skills remain up to date and relevant. This CPD subject is a great refresher on how to manage your time so that you can ensure that you meet those deadline.

    • Unit(s):

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